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Let's face it, bean pole big ears Zero is soft in the head. His is a pox of an administration that's wasting four years that could be American economic recovery years. Instead, he's wasting five trillion tax dollars on green boondoggles. Let's face it, folks, Bamabits should be kicked out of office like bullies should be kicked out of school. At the same time, the anointed one is the most corrupt President in this nation's history, a black spot on our country that embarrasses me to the bone. Plus this miscreant has accumulated more frequent liar miles in three years than all the astronauts who ever flew in space. Obama's a free floating turd hopping from golf course to vacation resort while costing millions of Americans thousands of job. Maybe this mole in the white house requires something extreme; like the Orkin Man. Oh, one more thing, Michelle, with the weight of her taxpayer paid for diamond rings and pendents, tips the scales at over 200 pounds, making her one of the fattest first ladies in the history of our country. Michelle makes giant California Redwoods look like toothpicks. She's the tallest tree in a forest of greed.

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I believe the leftists who are against an honest black man running for President are racists and heterophobic.

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Because roseanne is too fat and has had too many ugly facelifts to be on television, I think she should be gutted like a fish.

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The San Francisco traitor, America haters wouldn't defend this country if their mother's lives were at stake. They're cowards one and all. Where are a few good snipers when you need them?

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Biden and Behar, hypocrites extraordinaire, didn't mind at Obama's oath of office, hundreds in the crowd booed George Bush as he entered the area.
And no MSNBC people complained. They just laughed.

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America's soft? Obama's soft in the head.

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What is Larry so happy? Ignorance is bliss.

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I have only two words after listening to this: Allen West for President.

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Obama just got 200,000 more Frequent Liar Miles.

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Lara Logan went through hell, but from a PR point of view, this is worth a book, a movie and that's just for starters. She'll never have to work again.