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Tax and spend always gets them..

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We just need much longer sentences so criminals know if they get caught they will be excluded from society for a long time and without them out there in the community there will be less offenders to commit fresh crimes.

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Sounds like a green light for councils to spend £millions on web technology which as usual is massively overpriced and not fit for purpose. My local Council site cost over £250K and is poor, hard to navigate and not customer friendly. For £25K they could have gotten something far better...

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The private sector is taking over space exploration e.g Musk and co. Grants that help space explorationR&D are a good idea as NASA funding led to all sorts of spin of products.

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Well I expected for us all to be poorer, divorces are like that expensive things, but the point is it is right to be free and I was, and are happy to pay a price for that. As long term I value freedom above pure financial considerations.

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With such an important project for London, he should have been leading on it and meeting weekly with the head of it. So a key failure. Good to see you are on the ball and his case.

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I hope the Association makes sure he is aware of the memberships feelings

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Councillors can at least control the costs in their own councils, by appointing senior officers and setting clear directions for each portfolio.

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I like Jacob but he is far to posh to appeal to the West Midlands and Northern areas of the country which we need to secure the next conservative Government. Boris has his detractors but at least he is popular with the public.

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and his administration ended with the credit crunch..