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Loss of bio-diversity is a bigger issue. That said it may turn out that electricity from PV and Wind gets cheaper over time anyway (both are free energy sources) and fossil fuels more expensive as they are finite, so I think the UK/world will go in this direction due to market forces anyway.

If the price of PV were far lower and electic vehicles cheaper with better range than diesel / petrol I would gladly go that way and that is actually what I expect to happen without the need for an artificial target date.

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I agree sadly that is the problem - they selected the wrong PM in May and have not been able to accept that and try to connect with their local parties or public.

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Just another socialist pushing their own lefty agenda. There is very little real poverty in the UK compared to the USA where there is a huge divide between rich and poor and compared to the EU we are around the average.

Our direction of travel with the living wage and auto enrolment and most importantly very low unemployment by international standards is towards better pay, better funded pensions and full employment.

We just need tax cuts to increase the incentives to work and become entrepreneurs and then the problems of poverty will gradually fade away.

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I am Impressed with how strongly Angela is commited to the Conservative cause, we need many more ladies like her!

Given the severity of the damage done by May and her team to the Party there will only be a chance of a decent recovery once she is gone.

I personally retained my seat in Telford but 10 of my colleagues lost theirs to reduce us from 23 down to 13 given how rough it was on the doorstep it will take a lot to get us out of this.

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Sadly very clearly the Labour plan all along, to give the impression of working together but just waiting for the best moment to pull the rug and causing as much damage to our electoral prospects as possible.

We now need a clear Brexit PM and a clear break with the EU as that is the only thing the harden public opinion will accept.

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Cracking result though..

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Good to see you sticking with things!

I am up for election in Telford myself next week and have had just the same experience, in Telford we are fighting to regain control from Labour which have lost the confidence of the local population, but with Brexit it is now hard to tell who is going to win.

It is very frustrating having to campaign hard to try to win, when Brexit is making so much toxicity for us, but I am sticking at it.



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It would be great if he could invest in the M6/M5 junction currently my journey time is 1hour 2 each way each day, it should be closer to 50 mins without the congestion. The M6 and M5 urgently need widening or making multi-level.

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Exactly my thoughts henleypaul - I was reading about Brighton Pavillion yesterday where the Greens have a majority it used to be Tory but a single candidate was able more or less single handedly turn it to the Greens. Shows the power / potential of connecting with the people.

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Tax and spend always gets them..