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Bounces take time, the trend is encouraging Worcester+5.2%

May's great betrayal is going to take time to clear from voters minds.

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Agreed Johnson's popularity is rising steadily with a bit of luck he will already have a commanding lead before 31st Oct which will become unstoppable if we exit 31st Oct

2 weeks ago @ http://www.conservativ... - Is Johnson aiming for ... · 0 replies · +1 points

Yes but winnable by a clear margin after any form of exit on 31st Oct

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Angela is a great candidate proper true blue tory.

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Fantastic start. I am sure the polls will see a bounce already.

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Good that there is growing support for reductions in personal tax. The higher rates are particularly out of line with the needs of the economy. We need more entrepreneurs and higher rates of no more than 30%

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Private Equity and Venture Capital are on the rise, but what would help is an increase in support from the British Investment bank for these funds. Personal taxes are far too high for entrepreneurs I strongly favour increasing the higher rate band and at the same time reducing the higher rate percentages.

Entrepreneurs relief works well and should be retained so investing in business directly is encouraged.

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If Jail meant a long time in prison without parole then there will be a lot less criminals in society available to commit crime. Police numbers are part of it but we need much more prison capacity

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Loss of bio-diversity is a bigger issue. That said it may turn out that electricity from PV and Wind gets cheaper over time anyway (both are free energy sources) and fossil fuels more expensive as they are finite, so I think the UK/world will go in this direction due to market forces anyway.

If the price of PV were far lower and electic vehicles cheaper with better range than diesel / petrol I would gladly go that way and that is actually what I expect to happen without the need for an artificial target date.

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I agree sadly that is the problem - they selected the wrong PM in May and have not been able to accept that and try to connect with their local parties or public.