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Another Brexiteer Cabinet member gone, while Rudd, Hammond et al stay in post continuing to direct policy towards not just BRINO but remaining in the EU in actual name (via a 2nd referendum). Rudd and Hammond should be deselected asap, as should be the case for all other "Conservative" MPs who will not commit to the clean Brexit voted for in 2016.

As for Andrea Leadsom, as has been pointed out by a commenter on another thread, she stood up to Bercow.

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Absolutely correct. And of course if the "Conservative" Party doesn't return to conservatism, there does seem to be another party waiting to take its place.

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For her and her group it seems "One Nation" = 'no nation' metropolitan Lib Left-ism and the sort of thing Cameron wanted to be remembered for, which is the antithesis of true conservatism, as well as wanting to keep us in subjection to the EU and the global elites.. They're choosing, just as Cameron did, to alienate and drive away true conservatives.

And to oppose a clean break from the EU (i.e. 'no deal' Brexit) means they do not want to implement the referendum result. So, her, Rudd, and any MP who supports this group must be deselected. .

Better to implement the will of the 52% plus who want to leave the EU (leave means leave , i.e regain control of our borders and laws and ending our subjection to the EU and its institutions.). I say 52% plus because many Remainers now acknowledge that the referendum result must be implemented and politicians must just 'get on with' leaving the EU, and I know of some who voted Remain but in heart were for Leave but were frightened by the Cameron / Osborne Project Fear

At least there appears to be party waiting to replace the so-called "Conservatives" .

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Absolutely correct, especially your last sentence.

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As Rudd and Boris are social liberals, neither are conservatives. (Social conservatism, traditional values etc are as at the heart of conservatism as is valuing the nation rather than supra-national governance. Low-tax economic liberalism is not the heart of conservatism because that can also be Liberal - 'Orange Book'?). Rather than being thought of in terms of leadership, on the issue of Brexit alone she should be being deselected!

A Boris-Rudd alliance for the leadership would surely mean Boris cannot be trusted on Brexit either. Rudd must be hugely responsible, as the article suggests, for the rebelling Remainer element of the cabinet causing Mrs May to tilt away from a clean more proper Brexit.

A new leader MUST be a TRUSTED Brexiteer because no doubt they'll be pressure in future negotiations on the future relationship with the EU to winkle us closer into the grip of the EU rather than 'complete' Brexit - assuming a Mrs May-type deal goes through. If Brexit is lost, it's back to Square 1 - obviously a trusted Brexiteer would be needed then!

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Of course her deal, or anything agreed with the Marxist re a customs union, or anything that
Parliament might accept, would fall far short of the proper clean Brexit that was voted for in the referendum. But the ‘remain’ Parliament will not allow such a Brexit (i.e. ‘no deal’ / WTO).

So, with the current Parliament, perhaps the best we can hope for is a ‘half’ Brexit (if it can be described as even that) involving a customs union. Then at a later stage, a full proper Brexit can be implemented. Perhaps it should be accepted that untangling ourselves from something like the EU can only be difficult, a process, and done with more than one heave.

But that would need a new leader who’s a proper Brexiteer and who’d renew (or rather rebuild) the Party and re-envision the electorate before a GE with the opportunities real Brexit can bring, deselection of all “Conservative” MPs who have voted against ‘no deal’ / WTO, then the GE winning an overwhelming majority. And ensure we get a completed Brexit and not sucked further into the EU.

The irony is that the HOC has already indicated the compromise it would accept: the Brady amendment which accepted Mrs May’s deal but with an alternative to the backstop. But the EU and the Irish refuse to allow that. Humiliation.

And btw any “confirmatory” referendum can only be acceptable if “Remain” is NOT an option. The country has already voted to leave. The options to be voted on can only be the deal negotiated, or 'no deal’ / WTO

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At the very least, they'll need to be VERY STRONG safeguards to prevent censorious 'liberals', pressure groups and activists using these regulations to ban expression of views they disagree with e.g. claiming these views are 'hate' or ‘harmful’ or whatever.

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This is so cringing. And so depressing and so weak. A load of typical lib-left establishment-speak. Another reason to get back to true conservatism urgently, as true conservatism includes being tough on (real) crime with deterrent punishments. It IS a matter of arrests. It lS a matter for police and politicians: politicians passing the necessary laws and then police policing accordingly. 'Education' on such matters, needs to be "do that, and this will happen to you..". No need for special conferences.

Is it the case that the current surge in knife crime is related to when as Home Sec she curbed "stop and search"? If so, (in addition to her resisting and frustrating true Brexit voted for) another reason she should go? The basic function of the State is to ensure order and peace and to protect the public.

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It wouldn't surprise me if this were an accurate analysis. The only way out of it is for true Brexiteers and true conservatives to take initiative to shift the party back to true conservatism and implement true Brexit. AND QUICKLY!
A new leader won't be in place in time to ensure true Brexit on April 12th, so those in the Cabinet and MPs who want this, will need to find another way. Deselections of the "Conservative" "Remain activists" and those who support their ideas, needs to be done asap. Whenever Mrs May goes, which will seem to be soon, a new leader is URGENTLY needed to re-new the party and re-envision the electorate well before a GE.

I should think the change voters want is for a party that is totally independent of the current Remain Establishment ruling elite and their obsessions, thus cannot be said to be one of the "they're all the same", and governs as such. What a refreshing change that would be.

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Cultural (i.e. social?) Marxism seems to be economic Marxism translated into social/cultural terms. It hates anything that seems to them to be regarded 'bourgeois' oppression. And the traditional family and traditional values fit that. The influence of the Christianity is not to be regarded as beneficial as has traditionally been the case, but is to be rejected. So political correctness, LGBT etc, multiculturalism (inc Islam until, it seems, it doesn't endorse LGBT), are all agents in destroying the family and the Christian influence in the foundations of western societies.

Marxism also means total State control and supremacy over individual freedom. So the agents of the state such as police, education and government, become enforcers of this social/cultural Marxist system of thought. So we have had increasing instances of people who have expressed views that are not sufficiently in line with this new State-enforced creed, or who do not sufficiently support it, having their collars felt, even going through the courts, employees disciplined or dismissed, and students ejected from university courses.

And the "Conservative" Party, particularly in the Cameron-May era, has connived to all this and has been party to its imposition on us.