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Indeed. Few people know him well, because much of his personality is an act.

But those who do - former teachers, former employers, former colleagues, former partners, and his current children - have long been numbered among his harshest critics.

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Why I broke with Boris Johnson - A devastating indictment of the Prime Minister from one of his former allies and Downing Street advisers. “

“ . Key talents had been reshuffled out of the cabinet because they had committed the sin of independent-mindedness. The top table was left with a very middle-ranking membership. Ministerial special advisers who dared to differ had been dispatched and years of hard-won experience lost in the process. MPs learned that messages to the Prime Minister needed to be effusive to have much hope of a reply. More often than not, any critical messages – how- ever constructively worded – were greeted with silence.”

“ the team inside today’s No 10 has often preferred to greet internal dissent with retribution – much of it pre-briefed to favoured journalists. ”

“ I could see the car crash coming and I couldn’t bear to be part of it.”

“.. his former wife, Marina..was his anchor and, despite everything, had been for most of his adulthood“

“Many longer believe in the Prime Minister in the way they did”

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It is striking how very quickly this government has turned into a failing one.

Montgomerie's just published article sets out some of what is going on behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, after a confident start, and with the benefit of the Italian experience to learn from, we have sunk slowly down the league table of successful performance against the virus, and now have more population-adjusted deaths than any other major country, including Italy, Spain and the US.

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I invite you to have another look at the UK v Italian position.

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Not the strongest of grounds on which to try and build an argument. It appears rules are just for ordinary people.

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No. We've been told it requires "significant contact". They haven't given any specific details but I expect this aspect is being tested and tweaked during the island trial.

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Some good points here. But the statement "With this number of downloads, we can expect there to be meaningful suppression of the virus" doesn't, in itself, make any sense.

Reporting symptoms via the App is simply a substitute for reporting symptoms in some other way (including via the earlier widely publicised Covid symptom App).

This new App only makes a difference when prior contacts of an infected (or symptomatic) person are contacted and isolated ahead of time. The fact that Seely uses the formulation "we can expect" indicates that either this hasn't happened yet, or he doesn't know.

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You are making my point.

Having just two major countries worse than us and the US, with very many much better, is hardly a good outcome.

Watch the trend. The Americans were consoling themselves that the per population data was worse in Italy - until it wasn't. Our absolute total is already higher than Italy and our relative total is gaining fast.

Italy and Spain took it early and had less warning. We had their experience to learn from.

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It’s not about weakness, it’s about lack of clarity.

Matt Lucas had it nailed.

Making a Prime Ministerial address to the nation while the policy was still being written (and re-written) was dumb.

We appear to be in a similar position to the US, still clinging to our assumption of national superiority while the emerging picture from the data is that both Britain and America are doing the worst.

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