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Haha usually such tides have a Private Secretary with whom one can quietly reason

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Indeed. The idea that there is a 'proper' way to prepare and give a TED talk shows how sterile the format has become?

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Apologies for not replying earlier. I was distracted haha

This here is a good example:

In this case the audience were a pretty staid audience of people in the UK funeral industry. The speech deliberately started on an outlandish, bold, utterly unexpected note (Mars Attacks) to take them BANG out of their comfort zone, and signify This Is Different.

It worked a treat on the day in that sense - the speaker was mobbed afterwards and immediately achieved thought leader acclaim in the sector - and it reads well now.

So think about your 'message':

What do they want to hear?
What do they expect to hear?
What do they NOT want to hear?
What do they NOT want to hear that you think they NEED to hear from you?

Once you've worked all that out, what TONE is right to get just the effect you want?


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It does not work that way. If the Queen goes to one such funeral she is thereafter expected to go to all of them. She's The Queen!

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V astute questions. It does indeed depend what you want. As I have written here and elsewhere, the 'opportunity costs' for Russia's land-grabbing in Ukraine is astonishing. So there's also the issue of Time - over what period is success measured?

That said, Craig M was making a banal point about negotiating styles, and I was pointing out that there is no a priori reason to think that sort of 'let's all get along' 'win-win' EU-style approach he was describing is the only one out there

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Fair enough.

But it's also true that it's hard to demonstrate any real 'damage' in such cases. This after all is why Manning/Snowden cheerleaders prosper among the chatterati, as it so hard to show (publicly at least) what exact harm the myriad M/S revelations have done. And some of that harm may be the 'hidden' cost not yet incurred of not being able to use certain intelligence-gathering mechanisms in the future.

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V good points. There is a completely different psychological profile to the top US people now, with a strong emphasis on negotiation skills (as opposed to, say, community organising). Interesting new options may appear...

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Haha very prescient!

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Most erudite! No need to apologise. V interesting.

Even if Sir J Kerr gets the credit for 'drafting' A50, maybe the perfidious French get even more for thinking of it in the first place:

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You're someone who's looking at all this with a v beady eye!

Let's see how far HMG goes in spelling all this out in the formal 'letter' itself next week. Another way of doing it would be to attach or send separately a 'Note on Procedure' or somesuch that indicates more or less categorically how HMG interprets the subtle points you make.

NB that there's always a tension between laying down a bold marker and losing flexibility..!