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Just saw these after sending you an email. Looks like I ran into a separate issue with the upgrade assistant. Starting to think this really will just be a browsing computer for now. The older Mac is completely offline, but it still does all right with PS and other CS3 stuff - which is my main need in that realm. Audio stuff is personal and important to me - but I can get by just "getting ideas down" for the time being.

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You're the best! Launie forwarded that to me and I'm just starting to look at it now.

Funny thing, I had done a big file backup and downloaded the stuff for ZorinOS in preparation to try an install when your message came. Might hold off on that for the moment and see how this 8.1 thing works out. Maybe try running Zorin alongside 8.1 down the line? At any rate, thanks again for all this help. You're a gentleman and a scholar.

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Interesting. I'll look into it. Thanks!

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Dear Inquisitor,
You truly are Grand.
Happy Birthday!

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"... that didn't last long :-) " Heh! I love the idea of gutting an old computer like this. It's just the kind of do-it-yourself determination that this digital world needs more of. *gently pounds old man fist against desk*

As you guessed, my version of "graphics" doesn't include video editing these days.

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You're pretty damn awesome. I might take you up on USB/8.1 offer. Or look into the Zorin/Linus idea. Sounds like it does make more sense to just turn this Dell into a dedicated (and better) online computer - and getting something better for recording/graphics work.

When you say "dangerous" I'm guessing you're talking about security?

If you're willing to have your brain picked even further, perhaps you'd have some insights into best specs for a new computer to run recording and/or graphics programs.... From my reading, I've gleaned some specs for audio production: i5 or i7 processor (or equivalent?); 8 GB or more RAM; and a solid state drive. I'm assuming something like this would work nicely for PS and other graphics work as well? I found this budget laptop that might fit the bill. The price is definitely right.... maybe not the most durable though.

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Hey there!! Great to see you too! And to be seen by you.

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I think that's exactly the computer - very, very similar at least.

But then the trick is getting it from Vista to 7. Should have done that upgrade years ago, I think.

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Thanks for these ideas! And the offer to help out! I really appreciate the offer, but would hate to impose that much.

What you said about 7 and 8 (and actually 10) is what I suspected. I actually tried to do the upgrade back when it was still available - but as you said, the extra hoops were not for me.

Like I said to Miss Anita, I hesitate to wander back into Linuxland at this point. I had only minor success with it in the past. I found my brain hurt too much to get anything accomplished. My main goals are to be able to use PS (and other CS programs that I currently have on a very old mac laptop), and to also have a compatible OS to work with a planned purchase of an audio interface. (We also have a PS and Lightroom setup for Launie's Windows 10 laptop, that I would use if I had a machine that could handle it.)

There are some really inexpensive budget laptops that I think will fit the bill (good processors, SSD drives, etc.) - just was hoping to wait a little longer to make the larger investment.

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Thanks for all this. I think the reason I was leaning toward 7 or 8 was my assumption that they would run better (less "resource heavy" than 10 would be?) on an older model, while still supporting Photoshop and most recording interfaces that I'm looking at. So, I guess I'm leaning toward 7, as you said. But then, as I type this I'm remembering the DVD drive in this machine isn't working. So I'm stuck trying to find a download, which seems like it might be harder to pull off, at least for me.

Linux is definitely an idea. I hesitate, though, because I tried Ubuntu on another hand-me-down laptop a few years ago. I found myself spending too much time learning my way around, reading forums, etc.. to get things running and keep things running. I had particular issues dealing with recording software, if memory serves. Also, I already use Gimp on this laptop. It works fine, but there are still many things I can't seem to pull off which I use regularly with PS and the old CS3 programs (I still have CS3 on my 11-year-old Mac laptop and it's still my go-to graphics computer. I love me some InDesign). I'd like to be able to do everything on one computer and I fear my lack of computer savy might make this harder to achieve in a Linux system.

I'm thinking maybe I should just keep limping along with my current 2-laptop set-up while I start saving for a new Windows laptop. Ohhhh, computers.....
Thanks again for all your thoughts!