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Would the BNP make it any worse than it is now?

I think not, at least the BNP would have us out of the EU quicker than you can blink your eyes. After that the country would be run by those that have love and care for Great Britain, and not those with a burning hatred of all things British.

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Never if Cameron and his acolytes have their way Donna. The only ones that count now are the ones with open eyes, they will see what we have seen and propounded for years.

Farago has been on the BEEB and Sky professing, I wonder if Nick will be allowed to speak, he and Andrew Brons are the only high profile UK politicians to oppose immigration.

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I notice that all references to the offenders (in all media) were referred to as 'youths', not one report has told the truth. They were not indigenous to the UK.

The unnatural result of multiculturalism is shown in the images.

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I am informed that, allegedly the Notting Hill Carnival Committee want the 'Carnival' to last for a month. What a 'Carnivorous Carnival'' that will be.

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It was my misfortune to read The South London Press yesterday, and almost every page carried a report on either a stabbing , shooting, robbery, car jacking, or rape.

Our London has gone as you so rightly say Lawrence.

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I think the union bully boys might enlist a few of the knuckle dragging, shaven headed unwashed 'lumpen proles' to pay an early morning call on Cllr Rodwell.

Union reps of whatever stripe are paid a salary by the employer, they have what is called TOIL (time off in lieu) if they work outside their normal working hours, this is costing the employer money as the work they normally do is not done. Why should the unions not pay for any TOIL?

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The latest twist over the killings in Norway, from the media propaganda spin
machine is as follows: Breivik is a white supremacist, gun lover, and Christian
fanatic, who hates multiculturalism and MUSLIMS. That gives him a motive. So
what did he do about his "extremist" views? Did he commit mass murder against
Muslims? No. He went to a summer youth camp used by the Norwegian elite, and
filled with young white Norwegian children. He then massacred more than ninety
white Christian children. Is there something wrong with this picture?

Could this monstrous act have something to do with the FACT that the
Norwegian government has repeatedly called for the prosecution of key Israeli
political leaders for war crimes and crimes against humanity? Could this
monstrous act have something to do with the FACT that Norway has strongly
endorsed Palestinian statehood? Could this monstrous act have something to do
with the FACT that the day before the attack the Norwegian children at the camp
held a BOYCOTT ISRAEL rally? Add to that the FACTS that Norway has pulled out
of the Libyan invasion farce, and the Norwegian Pension Funds have dumped their
investments in Israeli firms.

Is there any reason to believe that this attack is anything more than what
it clearly appears to be? An attack on the nation of Norway for daring to
assert itself in international politics---for daring to speak out against murder
and genocide? Is this what Mr. Stoltenberg, the Norwegian Prime Minister, was
referring to when he said: "No One will bomb us into silence. No One will ever
shoot us into silence. No one will ever scare us away from being Norwegians."
Will the plucky Norwegians take the murder of their children lying down? I
don't think so.

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If Eddy Butler had not told members to resign, then Andrew Brons would be leader. The margin was so small that just a few votes would have swung it. So the whingers know who to thank....

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America has 'The Patriot Act' 1 and 2, we have 'The Civil Contingencies Act' 2004.
I believe all countries have the equivalent on their statute books. In the event of a disaster, or uprising of citizens, this 'Act' will enable a member of Government to declare Martial Law. The possible misuse of this draconian 'Act' is of course inevitable, whether justified, or events are manipulated to enable its deployment. .

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Has anyone noticed that, the President of Norway was due to arrive on the island the day after this shocking act, and that the President was also supposed to be in the bombed building?

Strangely he was sidetracked, and was therefore saved from the explosion that killed six civil servants.

When a Head of State goes anywhere, his security detail would in the normal course of events surveil the land well before he arrives in order to ensure his safety, and have at least a police presence on site. Where was this 'Security 101' lesson?
Also, why was he not in the building when it was destroyed, was it serendipity, or planned?

There is more to this atrocity than meets the eye.