Democracy Counts

Democracy Counts


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Carbon offsetting exposed for what it really is!

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Our successful claim to indigenous status (inclusion) as opposed to (exclusion) in our homeland, will be accomplished by our unrelenting efforts to expose the systematic discrimination and marginalisation by those who masquerade as 'politicians'.

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Indeed. Sheriff.

Where is all this 'racism' that the far-left insists is rife?

I agree with the film maker Craig Bodeker that 'racism' a politically engineered construct deployed by proponents of Cultural Marxism to quell any criticism of those who are less than a shining example of humanity.



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Many of us have become intellectually lazy and reliant on newspapers to think for us. Isn't it time for people to stop funding their own brainwashing? I say to hell with buying a daily paper ever again. Let the elitist who own them go to the wall. They deserve worse. Limiting their income is the least we can do.

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McCarthyism is the exercise of pointing out positions taken by liberal politicians/activists that are hugely unpopular with the voting public. Has anyone noticed that liberals simply don't like talking about - liberals?

Now why is that?

Well, I think, its because many liberals, [not all], are self-loathing creatures. The creed I'm talking about will stain the soul of a Brit with labels such as racist/fascist and bigot - in the hope that these slurs will both steer focus away from, and buy these liberals enough time to complete their acts of treason.

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A Non-emotional parallel is useful in understanding the term [indigenous] more clearly.

: [The red and the grey squirrel]

The red squirrel is indigenous, the grey is the coloniser. The grey squirrel can never be termed indigenous, no matter how long it has been here. The term indigenous has a precise scientific meaning. A species either is, or is not, indigenous; it cannot become indigenous.

The English, Scots, Welsh and Irish are indigenous to the British Isles.

This stark reality, may be a political 'inconvenience' to some. Nonetheless, it is the end of the debate.

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If all goes well for Nick, he could bring about an end to the Labour/Tory trick that makes voters celebrate their own annihilation as a just-fight against prejudice.

Above all else, I just hope Nick gets in to the BBC studios in one piece.

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My Business account, our joint account, and our ISAs accounts are being pulled from Lloyds-TSB this Monday on the strength of this news exposure.

I've said before, and I'll say it again - the BNP should look into the logistics of offering members/supports/patriots and Nationalist up and down the country a secure, online savers account that raises liquidity for the party whilst paying said investor a better rate of interest than the system currently offers savers.

There's a lot of pensioners who used to rely on interest to supplement/maintain a minimum standard of living. I say to hell with the elite - let's lookout for ourselves - just for once.

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The Doc is quite right to enclose the much overused word "raaaaaaaaacist" in speech-marks. This is just one of the many reasons why. Link:

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Globalism kills two birds with one stone for the elite.

(1). Immigrants = cheap labour.

(2). Previously employed Indigenous cultures go hungry which often leads to widespread civil unrest eventually, allowing pre-established police states to declare martial law (the seizure of property & land.)

It's a win-win situation for the Globalists. Starve the good people into reaction then, intern them as enemies of the state for raising an objection.

It's Marxism on steroids.