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You are quite right SWN they would have preferred to sweep this rant under the carpet, but they couldn't. They would have preferred to say such things do not happen, but they can't. They will pretend that they can not find her, but they will be exposed again. They will take her to court and she will be released with a slap on the wrist. They will try to say justice has been done, but it wont have. Only the persistence of decent nationalists will see that she is treated the same under the law as all the other ladies serving prison terms for the same crime. After all in Britain today FREE SPEACH IS DEAD.

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Well written SWN I couldn't agree more with your article. We have people amongst us that suggest we should take up arms to win our country back. There are others that suggest all we have to do is convince enough people that our way is right through pressure groups. Then all those rich people that are exploiting the indigenous peoples of our nation will say what a silly Billy I have been I must give up my lifestyle immediately. In my opinion both are wrong I still think that the way forward is through the ballot box. Yes we are playing their game but we should be playing it our way.
Personally I believe that Brevik will serve a minimum time in prison then under the pretence of transferring him to another jail he will disappear with his bank accounts stuffed with European tax payers money, or his masters will say he has served his purpose and he will be killed in prison. Good article though SWN.

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Just a quick note I wondered if people were aware that yesterday 16/6/2012 would have been the 100th birthday of Enoch Powell. Have a good day everyone regards gm

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Britain is a signatory of the universal declaration of human rights. Article 19 states "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers". Article 30 states "Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein". It appears that in politically correct Britain of today, human rights apply to everyone except the white indigenous population. Emma West therefor will not receive justice within Britain and the British government will have violated international law yet again.

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I was a trawler man for a short while when I was a kid just after leaving school. We used to work with four inch mesh nets to allow the young fish to swim through the net. This was a sustainable way of fishing. Our forefathers had fished this way for generations, Our nets were full of fish and what people call cod nowadays we used to call codling (young cod).
A few years after leaving the job I was appalled to see what was happening. Russian factory trawlers came to our waters to Hoover up everything. Not just the fish and the spry but the weed and even the rocks where the fish used to hide from predators. The waste from these ships were dumped overside and littered the sea bed which had now become a desert.
The Europeans fished our seas with their sane nets that took everything young and old fish alike. Between them they devastated our fishing grounds until well you can see for yourselves the results.
Now they have started on our shellfish and will do the same to our foreshores as they did to our fishing grounds. The politicians did this in the name of European political harmony they literally sucked the life out of our seas.
The politicians do not care about our country or its people they only care about making money for themselves and their masters. Their mantra is sell everything we can and give away to our masters what we can not sell. Make the people of Britain slaves to our ideology and reduce their living standards to a minimum. They are sucking the life out of Britain. We as nationalists are the only ones that can stop them. That is why we must succeed. We want our country back so that we can nurture it back to health and return it to the place it once was for the benefit of our people not the rest of the world.

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I was unfortunate never to have met John face to face but of-course remember Screamingmad for his incisive posts on the main site. Its a sad day for nationalism losing such a good patriot. My sincere condolences go out to Johns family and friends. Rest in peace John.

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After listening to Jim Dowson last night I feel that BF are playing the long game also. He suggests eighteen months before they will be ready to field candidates in an election. How long will it take for the public to accept BF as a political party after that? I can see the logic in delaying the BNP ideas conference allowing Nick Griffin and co time enough to be hoist by their own petard. Personally I would have called the conference for November. Andrew Brons and Richard Edmonds are nationalists with enough experience to know how to take over the BNP and bring the membership with them. They are also people that could unite nationalists throughout the country. The trouble is along with experience goes age. Neither Andrew nor Richard are young men anymore so younger people of equal caliber will be needed to assume the mantle, can they be found that is the real question. The country is ready for nationalism but will nationalists be ready for the country in time?

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Actually I agree with you heechee. As many have pointed out parties never say in their manifesto's what their true intent will be. The Nationalist cause must do the same. We should make known our most acceptable policies such as leaving the EU, return of capital punishment etc,. Why should we make known before an election what we would do that the public may disagree with. This is not lying, we just do not give our opponents any ammunition. If our spokesperson is asked about the repatriation issue, they will be able to honestly say there is nothing in our manifesto to even suggest such a thing. Let us learn from our enemies and use their own system against them.

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extant you are exactly the sort of moron that Nationalism does not need. You are the sort of knuckle dragger that everyone points to when they talk about the BNP in the mainstream media. If you can not use your brain cell to see that the BNP membership needs to and has a right to challenge where the BNP as a party is going, you need your brain cell testing. you are the one that is the back stabber to all those nationalists that have given their time, money and energy to the cause. We as nationalists know exactly who Lippy is and her endeavors for Nationalism. What have you achieved from your bullying antics accept to bring scorn upon the movement. Your best bet is to keep quiet until you know what planet you are upon.

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If a challenge to the chairman is to be made, the right candidate must be raising his or her head above the parapet about now. After all by November he or she must be known not only by party officials but by all those people that will be voting. His or her background must be clean and their ability to do the job apparent. They must have the ability to handle the media be a brilliant organizer (steering from the top) and a good orator. what is more they must be a good man manager unifying the party and fiscally sound. Age should not be an issue but ability paramount. I am sure there is the right person within the party as the BNP is chock full of talented people with the ability to appoint the right people around them. This is only my opinion though.