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Good for you Geoffrey!

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Well Well Well. I suppose you are the idiot who has been on here giving the thumbs down on the comments. I may know who you are, but then I may be mistaken. Why don't you stick to commenting on neo-Nazi sites because we don't need your sort here.
I'm sure Fanlight are 'proud' of you. LOL.

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Thank you Donna, it is about time people realised how much Nick does for us all.

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I'm surprised that Butler got that many votes David. I spent some time today on the so called 'democracy forum' and I was disgusted by their pathetic 'reasoning'. I doubt if I will bother to go there again.
I cannot forgive Bennet for closing down the BNP website just before the elections, there is no excuse for that whatever he says.
Lets hope that we can all learn from this and carry on, because there isn't much time left.
Onwards and upwards!

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Thanks David,
I'm glad to be back as well! There are some people who just want to see the BNP, our only hope for the future, destroyed by whatever means they can muster.
I don't think that these troublemakers are all 'State plants' but are I think some are greedy, self serving and egotistical or have been 'threatened' or bought off. Who knows? As for that total nut LJB, I was disgusted by his rabid anti-Semitism anyway, so I'm glad he's gone.
We continue to grow despite them all.

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I shop at Tesco's, I must admit that I don't really check my receipts but I shall be more vigilant in future.
The price of meat has been rising steeply for some time now, but fortunately I recently discovered we have an English butcher who is a BNP member in another part of town so we will be buying from them this month. I would rather that our money was spent there than into the coffers of a big supermarket chain!

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We can well do without sh*t stirrers like you 'Truth'.

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I spent some time reading the posts on there Lippy and they sickened me. And as for Lee Barnes, I think that he is even crazier than the reds make me out to be!

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Hear Hear Giuseppe de santis.
A bit off topic know, but I met a charming young Italian man during the General and local elections who works for a British charity. He had seen my BNP poster in the window, and was concerned but not surprised, to hear about the controlled media reaction to the Nationalist cause and the amount of name- calling and slurs directed towards us by left wing extremists like the UAF and co.
He was a supporter of the Lega Nord, so we spent the next hour drinking coffee, talking,about nationalist politics, the flowers on my balcony ( which reminded him of home), his family and my family etc etc.

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Well stated Phil,
I have kept well away from the back-stabbers and moaning ninnies as I really don't want to be drawn into it. It is so very damaging to the Party, and Nationalism in general.
I think Nick Griffin has done a great job for the BNP.