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Superb - very handy for keeping an eye on the site when stuck in boring meetings ;o)

Shame you can't see the comments too, but never the less an innovative way to provide access on the go..!

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Regardless of a sites ranking in Alexa, Google or whatever there is only really one thing that counts - only one thing that generates meaningful traffic and repeat visits - only one thing of significance - Quality Content..! Content matters, and that is why I shall continue visiting the GA site, BNP, London Patriot and all the other true Nationalist sites.

Just paid my first visit to the 'reform' site (chalk up a legitimate Alexa hit Simon - woohoo) and found it to be sad, self-indulgent and uninspiring... not to mention slow, poorly coded and non-standards compliant - that's why it was probably also my last visit.

I left a comment to this effect and then changed my Intense Debate password - paranoid..? Me..? Just a bit ;o)

There are, indeed, many tools available to artificially inflate a sites apparent popularity - Just before the last election the Conservative Party Alexa Traffic Report went through the roof - the apparent increase in traffic vastly higher than that of all the other political parties (I wrote an article at the time with pretty graphs and everything) - quite blatantly not an increase in human visitors.


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Good call... thought about your comment: I'm going to set up a new site so my existing one can return to its initial function.

The new site will be news themed with local bias (much like the London Patriot) and more anonymous- I have the misfortune to live and work in heavily enriched areas with heavily enriched power-bases so plenty of material to work with.

This will enable greater interaction with like-minded locals and my wife will be less concerned about violent recrimination - a positive force for change rather than just a platform to vent my anger - hopefully a means of promoting awareness and opening eyes.

Thanks for the inspiration BC1959 - and that goes to all contributors to the GA too..!

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A few months ago I hid all my pro-BNP articles and RSS feeds on my personal (primarily IT) website .

Well they're back and they're staying back - Blog Links to GA, BNP and other key Nationalist sites; RSS feeds from my favourites under the 'Political' tab on the sidebar . I will also be un-hiding (real word..?) my pro-Nationalist and Islamic articles

Although looking to change roles, if any potential employers don't like my politics then I probably wouldn't want to work there anyway - the Truth must out.

As an aside... it surprises me how many hits I'm getting from Islamic Nations - even some yesterday from 'The Islamic Association of Texas' following a Google search on 'Dudley Super Mosque'.

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True - nothingbritish was set up just before the June election on May 10th 2009 by the Machiavellian Tim Montgomerie; best known as the founder and editor of the ConservativeHome website and an expert on internet campaigning (propaganda) for Conservative Central Office.

On the other hand, nothingbritish and Tim Montgomerie were instrumental in opening my eyes to establishment hypocrisy and changing my support to the BNP.

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Indeed... checked my email addresses (I have many) and the mail was received through the one I used on the old BNP site.

Slimy little apostate... (Bennett, not The Insider..! :o)

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wd4..? It's not from a membership list - I'm not a member and mine came in on one of my many email aliases (benefit of owning your own domain).

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Excellent article, excellent site - stunned I haven't come across it before. Blog link on its way ;o)

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Rather sad that they are resorting top the kind of tactics employed by the rather unpleasant Tim Montgomerie (internet campaign manager for Conservative Central Office and founder of the outrageous '').

Another nail in the Butler coffin as far as I'm concerned.