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Racist my arse. They're just setting their stall out for a nice little compensation claim

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Advice from an American lawyer but still wise

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Civil war. Its not here yet, but it's in the post

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I for one would appreciate that John. And I'm sure I'm not alone. Sounds like an interesting read. Both the original and the translation, for preference

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As the clichéd saying goes; 'There's nothing new under the sun'. And the reason anything becomes a cliché, is because it is rooted in truth.

Paedophilia (like homosexuality, the poor and taxes) has always been with us. It is only since the permissiveness of the 1960's, as the Frankfurt schools philosophies started to come to fruition in the west, that the problems have become more widespread and visible. As the long march through the institutions continued, there was a concurrent push for minority rights that continues to this day. Homos (I refuse to call them gays) began to agitate for equality. Once this was achieved, they began to insidiously push for preferential treatment due to perceived minority status.

With the collusion of the Marxists infesting the institutions, this has paid off beyond their wildest dreams. No wonder Islamic agitators have followed the same path and achieved the same results.

Normalising paedophilia is a logical progression of cultural Marxism. As is normalising bestiality or anything else that a pervert wants to do, but that is frowned upon by society. Clearly this has been planned. Just as clearly, this is an inevitable outcome of the decline in morality that has spread through society as a result of turning our backs on traditional values and norms. The decline in western morality is now in freefall and has reached terminal velocity.

A catastrophe is just a matter of time.

As with homos, paedophiles started agitating for equality and legal recognition at around the same time. Both NAMBLA (1) in the USA and PIE (2) in the UK pushed for the normalisation of paedophilia. The difference being that society was not ready to accept their arguments at the time, so they retreated back under their stones.
Now they are looking around and thinking "Yes. Our time has now come and this time, we are in a much stronger position"

It is within living memory for most of us reading the BR site that a paedophile in any British town or village knew instinctively to keep a low profile. They also knew that if they succumbed to their perverted desires, the Police and the Courts would be the least of their worries.

This problem is just a small subset of the problems facing the west by the decline in morality as advocated by the Frankfurt school (and latterly, the leftists in governments and academia) since the 1960's.

It is a natural progression and was planned all along

Or, as Aleister Crowley put it much more succinctly:

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"

1) http://www.nambla.org/
2) http://newgon.com/wiki/PIE

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The Religion Of Perpetual Outrage strikes again

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"The royal couple were greeted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, before meeting representatives of the Baha'i, Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, and Zoroastrian communities, as well as Christian representatives.

They each presented a treasured object or text of importance to their faith."<-----Can't help wondering what the muslim offering was; C4 explosive body belt? AK47? Specially blunted beheading knife? I confidently predict it wasn't soap or toilet roll

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She looks like the love child of Barack Obama and Seabiscuit. No wonder she wears a burkha

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And the games will close by having the local chavs extinguish the Olympic Torch by the traditional British method of dropping a telly on it from the top of a council tower block.

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No they don't block it