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All 'three main parties' appear to be united in a campaign of deliberate mass immigration with almost half a million recorded immigrants arriving each and every year, not to mention their dependents and new births. This is not immigration. It is an invasion. Little has changed since the coalition took power. Indeed, in opposition, there was no resistance to the rapid rise in immigration that took place under the Labour regime. Some Conservative MPs have openly expressed the 'need' for mass immigration for decades to come. The 2011 census revealed that London, the capital city of England, is now only 44.9% 'white British', a staggering drop of nearly 20% since the previous census. Similar falls are occurring in cities and towns across the length and breadth of the country. If such a policy was being pursued in any non-western country it would be quite rightly described as ethnic cleansing or genocide with calls for the perpetrators to be tried in The Hague for their crimes. But, as one of the Labour architects of this calculated evil is reputed to have said, "the English, as a race, are not worth saving".

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No doubt a large chunk of the 30 percent are immigrants, or of immigrant stock, supremely grateful to #LibLabCon #EU Quislings for throwing Britain's island borders wide open. The last thing they'd want is for the indigenous peoples to regain even limited control of their own country.

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Most likely they don't want any building nearby to be higher than their symbols of domination. I expect it won't be long before the dhimmi council quietly gives them the nod to build a mega mosque with towering minarets to make sure the remaining indigenous population don't forget that they are now just low-life 'kaffir' in LibLabCon islamic Britain. In fact this whole affair is probably the prelude to just such a development. Strange how in every British town and city, particularly London, churches are rarely spotted now unless you're almost right on top of them. Since the war, and in recent decades, developers seem to have been encouraged to hide offensive Christian places of worship behind hideous blocks of offices and flats. What a contrast to the paintings of a century or more ago which show the skylines of our towns and cities peppered with spires reaching up to the heaven.

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LibLabCon traitors!

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Entirely agree. The establishment will have known about, and covered up, the antics at the BBC for decades. Long dead and voiceless celebs are being used as a smokescreen by the establishment and controlled media to continue the cover-up of rapes and sexual abuse of hundreds of English schoolgirls at the hands of moslem 'grooming' gangs in towns and cities across the country. What is more, the blinkered, celeb obsessed sheeple appear to be falling for it.

Very soon now Clark's secret courts will be operating in this country, and in addition to the travesty of secret family courts. The media bleet on about inquests into the deaths of soldiers being held secretly but you can bet that some, or all, future trials of moslem 'grooming' gangs will also be held in secret so as to create the impression amongst the sheeple that the problem has been dealt with and gone away. It already appears that the Department of 'Justice' is trying to keep fresh and upcoming 'grooming' cases under the radar by failing to publish pertinent details in advance and/or disguising the nature of the case.

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Only last week I saw a freight train passing through our station on the way south with 'white bitches' daubed in huge letters on the side of one of the tanker wagons. Naturally, as the 'racially aggravated' message was aimed at the diminishing indigenous population no attempt had been made to clean it off.

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'will not feature minarets and a dome' - same old lies. These features of conquest and domination will follow in phase 2 which will begin shortly after the phase 1 build is complete. I wonder if the foreign born Archdhimmi of York is supporting the application - the Church of 'England' does all it can to appease the 'religion of peace'.

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He 'faces almost certain deportation when he finishes his sentence' - note the word 'almost'! LibLabCon have made this country a cesspit of a safe haven for foreign criminals.

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But the video did not reveal the URL of the new AENM website which is a wasted opportunity for every YouTube visitor who stumbles upon the introductory video. What is the URL, please?

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I wonder how long it will be before our treacherous leaders block The Religion of Peace website and other similar sites? In the last few months we've seen a concerted effort by the LibLabCon controlled media to garner support amongst the sheeple for automatic blocking of porn websites by ISPs to 'protect children'. Given the establishment's reluctance to tackle the moslem paedophile epidemic, anyone with half a brain can see that blocking porn sites is just a red herring to get the sheeple to agree to open ended internet censorship in which any site opposing islam, multiculturalism, mass immigration, the EU etc. would be automatically blocked. Anyone requesting their ISP to unblock a site, assuming they even know of its existence, would have their details passed on to the 'security services' who might then ask the local police farce to send a storm trooper equipped team 'to knock' on one's front before dawn, remove all computer equipment and arrest any errant surfers on charges of anti-social behaviour or 'terrorism' offenses.