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You know I haven't seen any "Obama lied people died signs". I haven't seen any kill Obama signs or Obama is a Nazi signs. You know, all those things that respectful and un-hateful Democrats were doing during Bush's tenure.

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These guys have guts and they are right to boot. If the rest of the sleeping majority in this country showed the same courage as these guys we would be rid of Obama and the rest of the liberals plaguing our leadership.

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I loved it. Re-posted it on my blog (with credit of course).

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It is simply amazing. This president looks Americans straight in the face while he drives a spike into the heart of this country. His policies will not improve the economy; they are designed to destroy it.

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Ray has it right. I hope this country stays vigilant. It seems that most of us are awake and alert but November is a long way off.

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It gets better with each passing day. Another liberal incumbent falls on their own sword. I could learn to like it. I don't think most people realize just how many Senate and House members have announced retirement on both sides of the aisle. Check out the numbers Its amazing and the numbers will only grow as resentment grows closer to election time.

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If it were simply a matter of taxes I don't think it would have caused the commotion that it has. It is the fact that it represents a government take over of about 1/6 of the US economy and it is being done against the will of the people that makes it so unpalatable. Our representatives have simply decided that they do not have to listen to the people. I think it will cost them come election time.

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I am always amazed but never disappointed by liberals. I can count on liberals to avoid the facts and resort to ad hominem attacks every time. The post clearly shows when and where Obama worked for ACORN and in what capacity; your lack of knowledge not withstanding. As far as my meds go if I need them I can get them. If Obama has his way that will all come to a screeching halt.

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I appreciate your comment. Although we disagree on the religious leanings of the founders I whole heartedly agree with everything else you had to say. Regarding religion I think you have hit upon the issue that bothers me most. I am not actively trying to convert anyone to or from anything where religion is concerned and I guess that is all I want in return. Now political view points (while adhered to with almost the same fanaticism as religious dogma) is a different issue. I am most definitely trying to win converts in that arena. Thanks for commenting. (I agree where steve-o is concerned as well which is why I didn't bother to respond to him)

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Please explain how having a prayer at an awards meeting is an establishment of religion. The so called establishment clause is a prohibition against a state sponsored religion, not an indictment against religion. Contrary to the media's assertion the founders had no intention of stripping religion from the lives of citizens or the government. They understood the value of religion and, by the way, founded a country based on that religion. "We are all endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights..."