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I totally agree with you that we must remain an ethno-nationalist party, and we can make no more concessions. However, I think John Bean was stating that we should remain ethno-nationalist, but be careful how we portray ourselves. For example, he wrote:

'For those members – and certainly branch officials - who wish to find out more on the composition of the ethnic stock whose existence we are trying to defend...'

I will fiercely resist any attempt to make us a civic-nationalist party. However, I do recognise that we have to be more sophisticated when dealing with the public.

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Incidentally, I feel I must also plug Scotland First as a patriotic organisation. It was founded by ex-BNP members north of the border:

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He's anti-English, of that there's little doubt. But he's not a cretin. He understands that the Scots have different values and are more inclined towards socialism - the very fact that the Scottish Socialist Party obtained six seats in the initial parliament is testimony to that fact!

Many Scots are resentful that they're governed by a party in Westminster that few voted for. The Tories would have had an outright majority were it not for the Scottish electorate.

The Labour Party, therefore, will be desperate to try to preserve the Union in order that they can realistically achieve a Westminster government and it is therefore perhaps better to leave them to publicly campaign for the Union.

On the flip side, many English people such as you, are resentful (and with good reason) that the Scots, essentially, are helping to return Labour governments and are benefitting from policies such as free prescriptions and lower tuition fees thanks to having their own parliament. View the English Democrat's video below, for an example:

What is the answer? I'm not sure. Any contribution I make to the debate needs to be useful. As an ex-BNP member, I'm not sure any campaign that includes me as a British Nationalist will help preserve the Union.

Whilst I 100% approve of Gary Raikes' commitment and fully respect him for what he has done, I'm not sure whether his efforts will help the Unionist cause or damage it, especially given that he's an Englishman.

I consider myself British - given that I'm from an English, Irish and Scots (some of which is Ulster-Scots) background. I want to preserve the Union, but we need to be careful and think about our efforts.

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Hi Gary,

Glad to see you're back on the nationalist circuit! Scotland is indeed in real danger of seceding from the Union and, as I'm sure you're aware, Salmond has promised a referendum on that very issue.

I wrote about this topic back in 2009 - http://unrepentantbritishnationalist.blogspot.com... - and back then I stated:

'Now, assuming that the economic slump worsens over the next couple of years, thus fuelling further resentment towards Nu Labour, the SNP may well form a majority government in Holyrood. This, coupled with a Conservative victory at the next general election, may be enough to convince the Scottish electorate to support independence, especially if the SNP evoke memories of Thatcher, the Poll Tax and remind the Scottish public just how much they despise the Tories.'

I think there's very little one can do, in all honesty. I appreciate how defeatist that may sound, however I believe that the factor that will determine the outcome of such a referendum will be economic, and with the current economic turbulence, may well prove to spell the end of the Union. Furthermore, I am not sure whether former BNP members like ourselves would actually advance the Unionist campaign anymore than the Orange Order or David Cameron will.

Best Wishes,


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The ultimate objective of the ruling elite is to create a racially-plural globalist society devoid of religion. The only god they wish you to worship is Mammon. So the reality is that Islam is ultimately a nuisance to them, which is why so many mainstream journalists are at liberty to critise it, for example Melanie Phillips.

The elite's real concern is that the indigenous people will resist their plans for the New World Order, and if you believe that's a conspiratorial term then I would advise you to search for a book of that name written by the famous author and member of the Fabian Society H.G. Wells.

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R.I.P. Gusty Spence!

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The following is from The Mail on Sunday, 26th June 2011:

'But figures seen by The Mail on Sunday show that last year he received a total pay package of £124,876 – of which £88,675 was earned in gross salary. The average pay of a PCS member is less than a fifth of his package.'

This is where the members' money goes! As well as on junkets for the reps, and of course, campaigns against the BNP.

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I'm sure the average Zimbabwean would prefer to returned to the days of Ian Smith, when the country (then called Rhodesia) was known as the 'bread basket of Africa'. Liberals at the time, were desperate to end white rule, however, and Mugabe was given an honorary degree by Edinburgh University and a knighthood!

The fact is, whites weren't quite the oppressive beasts we are always portrayed to be. However, I do not yearn for a return to colonial times - these countries are independent now, let them get on with it.

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Corsham, could it be an agent provocateur posting as Nostradamus? If he is known to you, and has previously been of good character, then you may well find it is, seeing as though he doesn't appear to have a registered account.

It is for this reason I have logged in, and will only post this way in the future.

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Very good, Simon. The interviewer's appraisal was correct, and he likened it to the Rushden and Diamonds score at the weekend, which was 9-0!

I think the UAF tactic of banging on about WW2 and fascism will only work with the feeble minded. I think most will see it for what it is a wicked smear campaign.