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i dont know how the california system works but i dont think starving more people is the answer to anything. dont get me wrong there is abuse in the welfare systems but why not address the abuse instead of dumping the sick and the elderly to the wolfs. i am sure that there are plenty of cuts that can be made in california to help balance there budget. the states and the goverment spend millions daily on bullshit. this country spends too much on crap that is not needed.

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if the jerks want to help us all. try regulating the sorry bastards like mobil oil who are ruining this country every time gas goes up so does almost every thing we consume.

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as a mechanic i can tell you any cars built in the last ten years it is almost impossible for the average joe to repair them because of all the technology put in them. the only thing to come out of these regulations are high priced pieces of junk that even the dealerships have trouble fixing. this is just what we need cars that cost what a house should cost when in the hell is our gov going to figure out that most of us avg. joes are having trouble just eating now . sorry i cant come up with more but this pisses me off so bad i cant hardly even think!!!!

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hell ive eaten every other meat i can think of .ship her body to me times are tough i have a pressure cooker ill give her a try.

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if they are rapist in prison i say givem a bible and 24hrs to read it then publicly execute them so that some whining little sissy judge cant turn them loose on all of us and our kids.

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with about ten more years experience you should be qualified to take over jerry springers show . to the doubters out there i have known rob for years he is a trustworthy officer and man . if he says it i would believe it.

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hopefully we will not see another charlie anytime soon i know lots of people who are still trying to recover and rebuild .

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i dont know if voting will ever fix the ignorant laws we have now. if you look just at the zoning laws in florida we have all been robbed of all our rights on our own properties. i can agree there is a place for code enforcement but they have been given too much power.i could write for hours about the rights of a lot of people just in hardee county that have been violated by zoning these people have had to give up everything. i do believe that we the people should stand up and together start supporting our friends against these types of govt. stupidity. i have been following the uprising in desoto county against zoning its looking like the only thing desoto county will ever listen to is violence.

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you are so right its idiots paying idiots to study global warming. theonly thing that will come out of there studies is higher prices for everything we use. i have never been accused of being real smart but i think i recall this winter being record breaking.

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sounds to me that specter is a sissy like most politicians who is scared to stand his ground on his beleifs. instead he sucks up to keep his job.