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How ironic! I follow Glenn on Twitter & I received a tweet (after I made my last post here) stating he spent the weekend with ............. RICK PERRY. I'm convinced this attack on Sarah is out of his man-love for Perry.

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I'm a subscriber to GBTV & it's a real shame my money was just debited out of my acct. four days ago or I'd have cancelled it before that happened. Maybe I can still get my bank to give me a refund. People need to come out in numbers & cancel their subscription to show you how we feel. Is this how you "restore courage," Glenn? All of these years I've been defending you now seem to have been in VAIN. YOU are just a wanna-be replacement for Stewart, I take it! You KNEW what his material was going to be! Don't play innocent! LOW, Glenn, LOW! Sarah has more courage than you'll EVER have, buddy. You've lost me FOREVER because, not only are you messing with Sarah, you're messing with our COUNTRY! GOT IT?! Better sooner than later you let your true colors show, before I lost more money to you!

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Hey Glenn, I've supported you for ... probably too long. This Sack guy's accent for starters is annoying. What the hell was this attack on Sarah about? I DO remember RICK PERRY recently coming on your set at Fox before you left. Is this jab at Sarah due to your love-affair with Perry? I'm not counting Perry out, as I will vote for the candidate that is chosen as the Rep runner against Obama to defeat him, but Perry's supporters are doing a LOT of crazy things against Sarah since Ricky -- or is it Dicky -- entered the race.

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Thank you for speaking out, Patrick. I watched you on Glenn Beck's show Tuesday night. I agree, artists shouldn't be used as tools of the state. We now see that the arts played a big part in his win.

I hope this backfires on him and artists across the country produce anti-Obama art! For the record, I boycott all entertainers -- in any art -- that have aided and abetted this gestapo-like takeover, along with those who continue to enable this administration's agenda. Many artists that I used to enjoy watching or listening to are history to me, and I will never support them again. That is, unless they apologize profusely. : ) They KNOW they influence people's decisions; e.g. voting.

I want to be able to "speak safely." I don't feel that way since this admin took over. Like you said, at NO time in the past has our gov't requested the help of the NEA to further it's agenda, especially when it's an issue that's being vehemently debated.

Many blessings to you, sir. You have a bright future. I enjoy your writings and will continue to follow and support you.

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Hey all - I've made some great friends here. I'm asking for prayers. I've had heart problems in the past - family hereditary - and I'm having problems again. Going into hosptial this morning. Please pray mainly for my kids that they'll be strong for me.
God bless you all. Keep fighting the good fight for me and hope to see you soon.
I hope to be better to do some marching soon. Cardio, you know. Kill two birds with one stone. lol byeeee

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GREAT QUOTE! Kudos to you!

I have NO allegiance to either party at this point. They take their voters for granted and use and abuse us. NO MORE.

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Exactly why I cancelled cable in my own boycott of the msm. Once FOX jumped on the bandwagon during the election, and seeing how the msm's lies led to "this admin," I knew I'd had it with all of them.
FOX had waaay too many libs. Geraldo, Bob "suspender dude" Beckel, Alan Colmes, Kristen ?, Shep gag, and that Frank Luntz "poll fixer," turned me away from FOX. It was my last resort after learning the truth about CNN - communist news network and, all of 'em.
I do regret that I can't catch Beck's new show. I'm cool with that, though. I am thankful I have the net to get the news I want to read and ingest, not what some liberal wants to force-feed me.

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You're all welcome. I've tried to find someone reporting this story and I can't find any. Has anyone else? This can be verified by KFYI radio in Phoenix, AZ.
It was reported on Friday during Repubican ex-Congressman JD Hayworth's radio show, during the 4-7 PM hours. He can verify this story if any news stations need verification.

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I only hear crickets, Edd! GO EDD! Thank you for your service!

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I was disappointed to find out -- after signing the "Open Letter to our Nation's Leadership" that "Care2 Petitions is a partner with MEDIA MATTERS. 'nuff said...