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You know what makes me truly sick and want to puke....Obama calls this woman to make sure she's ok after being made fun of for whining that she needs her birth control for free, but does he call the families of the murdered soldiers over in Afghanistan to make sure they are OK? He has more anger directed at Rush Limbaugh for making fun of a whiny college co-ed than he does for Karzai and the savages in Afganstan who get a pass to murder our soldiers because "oh we are so sorry we caused you all this distress." I just had to get that off my chest. We are so screwed with this president.

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Here is another video of Obama wanting higher electricity costs for the people. He calls this "price signals" to change behavior. This is from 2007:

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So Heartland raises money to get out the word that climate science is not settled. Somehow this is a story? And by the way Koch gave only 25,000 this last year, and that was for health issues, not climate change. But yet somehow raising money for alternate viewpoints that don't agree with yours is a major scandal in your mind. How is Heartland any different than Greenpeace or WWF who collect way more money than Heartland to spread their viewpoints and to get their viewpoints in the classroom.

Here is a breakdown of how much money different organizations collect. Heartland's money is pretty puny compared to all the others. Seems as though you are getting worked up over nothing.

Greenpeace $300m 2010 Annual Report
WWF $700m ” ($524m Euro)

Pew Charitable Trust $360m2010 Annual Report
Sierra Club $56m2010 Annual Report
NSW climate change fund (just one random govt example) $750m NSW Gov (A$700m)

UK university climate fund (just another random govt example)$360mUK Gov (£234 m)

Heartland Institute$7m (actually $6.4m)
US government funding for climate science and technology $7,000m “Climate Money” 2009

US government funding for “climate related appropriations”$1,300mUSAID 2010

Annual turnover in global carbon markets$120,000m2010 Point Carbon

Annual investment in renewable energy$243,000m2010 BNEF

US government funding for skeptical scientists$ 0

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Why should birth control be free?

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I have been telling people for quite some time that abortion has not been about a woman's choice. It has been about population control. If you connect the dots of what is happening right now and especially after the admission of Creamer, you can see that is the case. The UN has Agenda 21 aimed at reducing the world's population and then there was the all out war against Koman when they stopped funding Planned Parenthood and now the Obamacare mandate for birth control and Obama's science Czar Holdren who wrote the book on population control. People need to wake up, because this is only leading to the government's "moral obligation" to determine how many children a woman should have. Ted Turner, a huge donator to Planned Parenthood has already said he thinks we should have a one-child policy. This is not about CHOICE, this is about CONTROL.

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"And of course, there is William’s mantra to “Kill all the rich people. … Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents.”

Seems their mantra is happening already.

Horror at Occupy: 15-Year-Old Suspected of Murdering Parents

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his adoptive parents after reportedly arguing with them over how much time he was spending at an Occupy protest camp. Robert Kamin, 55, and Susan Poff, 50, were found strangled under blankets in a car outside their home in Oakland, California.

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That's a picture of BIG LABOR and not a pretty sight. .

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Here's the thing about polls, such as the favorable/unfavorable rating of Gingrich. They don't mean anything. I remember in 2009, when Gingrich was on special Tea Party rally in Atlanta on Hannity. Gingrich was boo'd big time. When the primaries started, there is no way I was even thinking of voting for Gingrich, but a funny thing happened along the way as I was watching the debates. I found myself agreeing with Gingrich and cheering him on. Now, I find myself voting this week in Florida for the one guy I never thought I would. He is articulate, he is a fighter, he puts everyone else on the defensive. Also, I looked into ethic charges and lo and behold, he was cleared of the charges. Seems uncannily like what the establishment, politicians, and the media did to Palin. Palin and Gingrich have learned how this works the hard way, but they are not backing down. It's about time and thanks to them, the voters are learning how we have been scammed for so many years.

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I'm an I-4 corridor voter for Newt this week and so are many, many people I know.

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Great article. I do believe the MSM and academia are the source of our problems and Newt is the man to go after that problem. Until our media is held accountable for their deceptive practices, especially that of lying by omission, conservatives will not be able to advance their philosophy....we will always just be on the defensive. I for one am tired of always being on the defensive. The tables must be turned. My eyes were opened during the last presidential election on how I have been deceived most of my life by the MSM. I saw how Palin was crucified and then how bogus ethic charges led to her resignation. Now looking back, I can see the same thing was being done to Newt. All ethic charges were bogus.