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yea so I cant go to the town hall meeting , the dry cleaner still has my swatstika! PELOSI is such a goof.so the White House wants us to be tattle tails, we should call if our neighbors lawn is too high, if the McDonalds gets our order wrong , if its raining too much, are they for real? so we are all MOBS? they know all about MOBSTERS, he is the real AMERICAN GANGSTER .. so your mama is so fat,, shes an angry mob all by herself. KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY!

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greetings. every one should go to home depot or any hardware store, pick up small can of roofing tar- then go to craft store- or go pluck a bird - just a few feathers, then mail it or deliver it to your nearest political sleaze bag! BRING BACK TAR and FEATHERING!! you know in the old days this worked, sometimes they would even set them on fire!! have a nice day if you can!

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you know, its only fitting we give biden a nickname. obamalamadingdong has many like,AMERICAN GANGSTER, KENYAN PIRATE, BAD TENNENT, LAMONT CRANSTON (the shadow, you know able to cloud mens minds!!!) and a million more, but poor biden. I think TED BAXTER is appropriate, when hes on t.v. I could see Lou,Mary, watching him in the newsroom wanting to get him off camera. ah yes it was very funny then, now its real! scary isnt it?

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greetings, coming back from GETTYSBERG re enactment saw a huge billboard," where is the birth certificate"? the reenactment was beautiful, shows what we will, or may have to really reenact!! a few nights ago on history channel they were showing bombshelters, some in washington, for congress and such.. let me tell you, godforbid we do get hit bad enough to need these, the last thing we want is for these living turds to still be around! they should be first to go! lets put people in them that we want to survive and re populate this land not these lying,good for nothing, living turds!! i love saying that. TURDS! WE MUST FLUSH THEM OUT. THAT TOWN NEEDS AN ENEMA! have a nice day!

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the "GOOD TIMES" theme is to replace hail to the cheif. yes, send in the clowns is very good for congress, very funny!!

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yea so this American Gangster needs a song, so at first I thought maybe PENNIES FROM HEAVEN but said no more like WE'RE IN THE MONEY! but in reality our song is THIS IS THE END (DOORS) or better yet THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD AND WE KNOW IT! (REM) my impression of barneys frank,"BLARTH BLAH SPLATLEB BLAPPES" hey barn spit it out or swallow it ! going to see the reanactment at GETTYSBERG, god it would be great to get them all to march into ALBANY YEA BABY!! KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY!!!! support the country not the goverment. god he has big ears, im silly today....

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so this alleged president, the American Gangster, is like a bad tennant, running up bills, not worried about paying them off..EVICT HIM! its the NOTSEES at it again(the press) so he must be like KARNAC the magnicant to know the answer before the question!! where is the turbine? this guy is an ATTRACTIVE NUSAINCE! was voted because hes "pretty" yea well, "LETS SEE HOW THINGS PLAYOUT"

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hey Denzel Washington, Obamalamadingdong has you beat . he is the real AMERICAN GANGSTER!! and as far as when he bowed to the arab bigshot, I could of sworn I heard him say, "WHILE YOUR DOWN THERE" sorry I know thats infantile, but you know the old saying , who cares!

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unbelievable!! its bad enough that the alleged president, also known as the kenyan pirate is taking over G.M., killing the Pontiac line, selling Hummer, but to put Barney Frank in charge of Saturn? please, we all know he will re-name it URANUS! It finally makes sense, why he's doing what he's doing, it's to show us how other poor countries are. we AMERICANS are spoiled, have too much food , are too wealthy, he feels instead of bringing other countries up, it's easier to knock us down a few pegs. he honestly hates the U.S. and if we complain his arrogance will show, he'll say "you should be thankful for what you have"!

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you know FIAT stands for Fix It Again Tony! go online hear the chevy commercial from the good old days, dinah shore see the U.S.A. in your Chevrolet. that one commercial sold more cars that year to date! listen to the words, unfortunatly they will never again apply to this once great COUNTRY!!!! "See the U.S.A. in your chevrolet, America is asking you to call. drive your Chevrolet thru the U.S.A. Americas the greatest land of all, on the highway or along the levee, performance is sweeter, nothing can beat her, life is completer in a Chevy, so make a date today, to see the U.S.A. and see it in your Chevrolet.. Travelin east, travelin west wherever you go Chevy service is best, southward or north,near place or far thers a Chevrolet dealer for your Chevrolet car. See the U.S.A. in your Chevrolet the rockies way out east is callin you,drive your Chevrolet thru the U.S.A.where fields of golden wheat pass in revue, wether driving a load thats lite or heavy, performance is sweeter, nothing can beat her,life is completer in a Chevy, so make a date today, to see theU.S.A. and see it in your Chevrolet!