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Does it count that Downey is a Conservative? Also had a great line in Ironman 2 about being through with the Liberal Agenda.

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That is usually the case. I had the pleasure of knowing a few SF types. Great people.

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Ahh actually Army Special Forces has a scuba school on Key West, and there are Scuba Teams in every Special Forces company. Actually SF is the most unique of the Spec Ops units since their missions are long term. As for the SEALs getting all the press... As an SF buddy put it, "Great now all the glory hounds will go to them." SF prefers the Quiet Professionals.

Okay off my SF soapbox now. I wonder which former SEAL that could have been. I would love to have seen it as there are a couple I really don't care much for.

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So we don't want to tear families apart. Then maybe we should look at all criminal activity in that light. Does that guy who broke into your house have a family? How about the drunk driver that just caused a major accident, should we tear him away from his wife and children? Then there are the military who are torn away from their families to go serve in some God forsaken part of the world. should we just shut it down so those families won't be torn apart? Why would deporting someone who is here illegally mean tearing the family apart, are we denying them the right to take their children with them? In other words the whole tearing the family apart is a crock. It feels good to say it and it makes people think you are compassionate but it doesn't pass the logic test.

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Thanks for further ammunition to fight the fight.

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It reminds me of the Mariners. They traded Griffey, Johnson, and A-Rod then went on to have 116 game winning season without all the big money players. This might be worth seeing.

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There is a free app that allows you to read Kindle books on your PC or Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android based phones. Trust me I have been using it to counter that argument since I started putting my short stories on Kindle.

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If you are not a member of this board you might want to join. There are a number of places to get good advice along with articles by the top Indie Authors on how they did it. http://www.kindleboards.com/index.php

Most of what I have published as an indie author are short stories.

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I actually teared up with pride listening to this.

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I fell in love with her.