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I'm sure I'm on the list since I am a returning War Veteran and support Ron Paul. To say I am the next possible terrorist threat when they voted on the war and needed soldiers to go fight and I volunteered and then say this crap is a shame to all current veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They don't even call the terrorists terrorists anymore, but they can suggest I am going to be recruited by some Right-Wing Extremist group and become a domestic terrorist. What about a Left-Wing Extremist group. Oh wait, they are ok in the current admins. mind.

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I know. I just wanted to defend her son. I believed it was a just and right thing to do. I wish people would help unify us instead of divide us even more. I don't care what race, ethnicity, creed, religion, sexuality, socio-economic group, Political affiliation or view anyone is or has. We are all Americans and we are the Beacon of Light in this world of darkness, and we cannot and will not become a remnant of the past. All of us must work to stop the dividing and unite together, or else we will fall together. God bless America and our Constitution!

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I'm sorry for calling you Sir. I didn't know you were a Mam. My bad. LOL. I should probably check that out before I start calling people Sir or Mam. Tell your son he is a good man by my book for his desire to serve. He is in no way a coward.

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If he is a coward, then does that mean every other man and woman who hasn't served is a coward. You have no right to call another man's son a coward. You are truly offensive. What point are you trying to make. It is up to the individual to serve or not serve. The fact his son is even talking to a recruiter gives him the heart and spirit of a man who is looking forward to military service. I'm sorry, but I believe you owe oursacredhonor an apology for what you said about is son.

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I myself am an Infantryman in the National Guard. The truth is with Asymetrical Warfare there are no front lines or any rear areas. You can be in a non-combat MOS, like support or supply, but it doesn't mean you won't see combat. Most likely, if he did enlist he would be deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. There really are no guarantees on not going into combat. That is as much as I know. Thank your son for his desire to serve our nation. I hope this helps somewhat.

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I recently sent an Email to Senator Brownback of Kansas to support H.R.450, The Enumerated Powers Act, which would cause Congress to provide a statement in every act or legistlation it wishes to pass, that would show where Congress derives it's Constitutional authority to pass said legistlation. If a bill does not have such a statement, a Point of Order can be raised in either the House or the Senate. I urge anyone who reads this to contact your Senators and Representatives to support and vote yes for this bill. Thank you and God bless.

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Thank you Gone for the shout out. It is an honor and a privilege to serve the People of the United States of America. I just wish more of the right people were in charge. I also want to thank every fellow Veteran who has served. We are all alike, and must remember our Oath to our Constitution. Thank you all for your service. Also, Thank you to all Americans who are True Patriots who believe in the sanctity of our Constitutional Republic. Forever shall it stand. God Bless all of you!!!! Hooah!!!

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I joined that website earlier today and I voted against the Cap and Trade legistlation, but I'm sure the Senate will still pass it even with 97% of the people not wanting it.

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I am on my 2nd deployment overseas. My first to Iraq, and now my 2nd in Afghanistan. I know full well my oath to support and defend the constitution of the United States. If the military did take action with approval from the people, we would do what is right. Good soldiers know their oath and would only re-establish the Government back to how it should be. We as Americans have the right to abolish oppressive forms of government in order to establish a new government as we see fit, with all the same virtues. Thank you for your commendable and honorable service in Vietnam and in the military as a whole sir. You have my respect. Take care and God bless.