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I'm a Veteran, and I'm really puzzled as to why they would segregate Veterans from non-Veterans unless they think this will get Veterans on their side? I think they realize that Veterans view their administration as the enemy of freedom in America, and they're grasping at straws. If it indeed gets to the point where Americans must fight to maintain their rights and freedoms, then the active duty military will turn against them as well and side with The People. Especially if they read my explanation of why they should in my book, "America in the Middle". I explain precisely why any order given to impede, or combat The People who are fighting to maintain their freedom is an unjust and unlawful order, and why their duty lies with The People. Not the government.

The book is at http://www.nathanhagman.com

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I just got an email from military.com that says a bill is being proposed to protect gun ownership for us Veterans. Doesn't the 2nd amendment to the Constitution already do that? So, why would there be a proposal to protect gun ownership for Veterans? It sounds to me like gun ownership is about to be under serious fire for the rest of America like never before in history, and probably Veterans as well.

I still say that no matter what B.S. law gets passed to strip away our rights to own guns and protect ourselves from our government, it will be unenforceable. They can't execute illegal search and seizures in every residence in America. As they're breaking down one door, the weapons will be moved to a place that was already checked. It can't be done. All they can really do is brand us all as "criminals" for owning guns.

Come take my weapon, Uncle Sam! Before you get my weapon, you'll get all 2000 rounds of ammo first!

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Your posts reveal how little you really know, chuckflynn. This isn't about Democrat and Republican. Democrats and Republicans are both enemies of this nation. Democrats want "change" in the form of tearing down the fundamentals of what have always made America the greatest nation on Earth. Republicans (who CALL themselves conservative) actually want exactly what the Democrats want, but they're nervous right now because they see themselves being pushed out of the grand scheme of things. It's all about power, and the Democrats and Republicans are both vying to see who will control the United Communist States of America.

If you did the reading and understood what's really happening in this nation, even you could see why we despise Obama and everything he stands for. It's not just him though. It's the vast majority of all representatives in government right now.

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For those of you that did not believe that we have a puppet government run by the private corporation called the Federal Reserve, here's more testimony directly from the festering, foul mouth of President Pelosi herself...

Interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Discussing how TARP and spending bills work

Jon: Who makes the decisions on how this money is spent? How does that happen? Were you involved in that?

Pelosi: That's the U.S. Treasury. They tell us how to use the money.

When Mr. Stewart asked why it's done that way, Pelosi explained that, "We're told it's for the good of the economy. Or so they tell us".


Everyone who has read "America in the Middle" so far has been both terrified by what I show our government is doing, and relieved that it's not necessarily the end of America as we know it. Many also call it an "eye opening experience".

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Give BO the credit for this? That's absurd. He screwed this up from the very beginning by making the use of lethal force conditional. The fact it turned out positively has absolutely nothing to do with Obama at all. This is yet another topic I discuss in my book about politics and military action. The vast majority of politicians are too cowardly to serve their country in the armed forces, and as such are completely uneducated and incapable of making military decisions. It is simply not possible for a body politic to make these decisions or even remotely comprehend the strategy, tactics, or logistics involved.

Politicians can debate the need for military action and what the definition of a successful engagement are, but after that they need to take their completely uneducated, misinformed, meddling hands out of it and let the military do what they have had extensive training to do...Achieve the objectives.


Everyone who has read "America in the Middle" so far has been both terrified by what I show our government is doing, and relieved that it's not necessarily the end of America as we know it. Many also call it an "eye opening experience".

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Right now the UN is nothing more than a committee with mercenaries. The concept of one world government was the purpose upon which the UN was founded. It's been the goal from the start of the UN. We're all noticing that the UN is becoming bold in over-stepping its sphere of authority (of which in reality it has none) recently. The difference between last year and this year is that the pawns are all in place, and the power base is there to enact a global governance. This is all taking place faster than we can even get news about. It's a Nazi Blitzkrieg campaign of usurping The People's power at lightning speed.

You've all seen that the UN has been attempting to act as a governing body with powers of enforcement over all nations. Even having the audacity to entertain levying taxes upon Americans for oil that the UN has no dominion over. Everything that is happening now is no accident. Nor is this someone's incompetence. All of this has purpose. I spent months researching and writing the history that I've learned over my life, presenting my views, and connected the historical time line to show a clear path of what is coming ahead. Everyone who has read it said it was an eye opening experience, and they see the things in the book that are coming to pass after it was written. Only 12 people have read it so far. I'd like everyone to be armed with this information, but sorry, I'm a proud capitalist, and I'm not going to give months of my work away for free. But, since I want as many people to read it as possible, I made it very reasonable.

If you've enjoyed reading what I have to say on this site, you're still missing the big picture. I'm starting 2 brand new companies (yes it can be done successfully in this economy), so I'm not as active here anymore because I just don't have the time anymore. If you want to see what we're going through, why, and solutions to correct it, just read the book.

America in the Middle

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Your post sounds exactly like the post I made on my blog titled, "Is It Socialism? Is It Communism? Is It Fascism? No! It's America!" posted at http://nathanhagman.blogspot.com I also posted it here on this site.

My new book, "America in the Middle" has been almost prophetic about what is now happening. It's not prophetic though. I simply connected the historical "dots" of the past to the present to show where we are heading. It's all terribly coming true each day. You can get the book at http://www.nathanhagman.com

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Unfortunately, Richard Blumenthal's term in office is a state matter. I've never even stepped foot in Connecticut, and I'm not sure what the general population in that state is like. That is also the state that has elected the extremely corrupt Chris Dodd over and over again. If this treasonous moron were the AG here in Texas, he'd be lucky to leave that office with his life.

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Here's another quote from President Woodrow Wilson after he had learned the truth of the Federal Reserve Act he had signed in 1913:

"My God. What have I done to my country"?

President Wilson had himself admitted that he was not very astute in economic affairs. He was told the Federal Reserve Act was necessary to avoid economic collapse. Once he learned he had been scammed, the above quote is what he said aloud. That is also what he was referring to about being an "unhappy man". The threat of "economic collapse" is again being used to usurp our rights.

Read "America in the Middle" at <a href="http://www.nathanhagman.com" target="_blank">http://www.nathanhagman.com

This book is right on time, and explains from a historical view how we got to where we are today.

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This is exactly what my book is about gTex. It shows the HISTORY of where we were and how we got to where we are today. It's not all about the Federal Reserve. I also discuss other topics such as government and military action, the true effect of illegal aliens in America, the founding principles of this country, why some wish to erase God from government, and solutions to end tyranny in America. It also has a letter to all military personnel detailing to them why any order given to combat or impede The People, should they decide to take their government back, is an unlawful order and cannot be followed. If our military reads that, it will remove our government's "muscle" to force slavery upon us.