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Wise words!

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Annie, I am 55, and I have seen this tag team game go on for my entire life. I am also a registered Republican and a historian. They are both tag teaming us! Historically, the Dems and Repubs have had almost equal time in their Presidential Candidates for the last 80 years. They are the fall guys. Do the research, I did. The Congress has been Democratic for 60 of those 80 years. Repubs have been in control of Congress a grand total of 20 years! Independent voters are surpassing both parties. This indicates that Americans want a change of the two party system and are disappointed with both. It's time for a change! Historically, the two-party system has led us step by step to the place we are now. As the Republican Party membership wanes, I will be one of the losses. My own personal history is supporting my husband who served in the military for 24 years. My own heritage is filled with Revolutionary War Veterans on all sides. I have taken off the blinders. It's easy to research. Just go online and look up info about our Congressional and Presidential histories. It needs to change. We've been poor watchmen, and watching is what we need to do to protect our rights. Take care, and don't be fooled. Study and learn before you act. Keep up the good fight!

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First of all, you all need to stop it. Gee, I've been gone for a week with the flu and come back to sadness on this site! Here's a bit of news that will get you talking! I'm hoping that many of us are finding local voices in our states. I still come here for the latest news. And, I also look around the net. Here's what I found...Holy cow. If you already know this, pardon me, I was sick. But, if you didn't, letters need to fly and phones need to be dialed!

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And...the people at the bottom will eventually shoulder the load. Well said. I appreciate the clarity. When I look at friends losing their jobs, I don't understand why our Government doesn't understand this basic "cause and effect" principle. When you shift something, it effects others. So it is with more taxes on corporations and nature itself. You have to care for an apple tree if you want good fruit. You have to feed it, prune it when it's needed and care for it, not starve it. Pardon my simplistic reasoning. I am a homemaker, who has raised three wonderful children who are responsible and hard working. I have no college degree. But, it seems to me that common sense and logic are needed. Thank you for your common sense. I just hope we can change things before it's too late. Too many weeds in our garden.

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Ok, no one polled me, did they poll you? Where are these ratings coming from? Any answers? Where do we look for the source?

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Yep, have fun with this one! My husband bought the bulbs...Now I want to run for cover! This video (to me) represents the over involvement our Congress has regarding the American People...

<a href="" target="_blank">'s an article about a consumer who was faced with disposal of a broken bulb...It all starts with a phone call to the retailer...then goes insane from there. So much for environmental protection... This needs to be addressed.

<a href="" target="_blank">

btw...I went out to my car to get the box that was left in there by my husband. I opened it and found a BROKEN BULB!!!! Great!, NOW what do I do? Maybe I'll ship it off to China, where these things are coming from...

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My prayers go out to him and his family. What a tragedy.

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Thanks Kaye, I sent that out to  Lots of people across the nation are enjoying that one! 


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Heres a study written in 1997 called "Slouching toward Utopia" Interesting read about how we got from pre WWI to here.

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What better way to tell your children about freedom than to take them to DC on the 4th. Take a picnic and go! Lots of history there!