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Part 2
We need to educate the american people, If the majority of voters keep falling for the same old lies,and promises, we will all be enslaved to the whims and wishes of the ruling party. It is time for an independant party to be a strong enough force, to elect people to public office, not polititians. People of integrity, who will defend and stand up for the constitution. I personally believe that Sarah Palin would be a good candidate, for a leadership role. I am not sure at this writing that she would be willing to put herself through that. I am going to try to persuade her to do so. Never having met her or corresponded with her directly, I have no influence with her other than my shared love of my country. Join me if you will to build an Independant party that we can all be proud of. With candidates that say what they mean, and mean what they say.

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Have you noticed? To a man and woman, the people in congress ran campaign adds touting the family values that they were taught. Good down home values, the ones that we all try to aspire to. By their actions, while in office, they have demonstrated the values, of what most of us would consider to be " trailer trash". They seem to have no concept of the separation of powers between the three branches of government. They keep nominating and confirming those of their own mind set. Those that have to be confirmed, unlike the Czars. Misleading the American People that they were elected to represent. Telling false hoods, to be kind. Feathering thier own nests, with our money.

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The present regime in washington got there by campaining against President Bush and his failed policies. It is time for us to emphasize his failed policies. The fincial chrisis that is upon us might not President Obama's, in making. However it is the Democratically controlled congress''s. The same people bemoaning the legacy left to them, were in fact in charge, and let it happen if not instigated it directly. We should make sure that our friends, neighbors, and relatives, are aware of that. Make sure that credit is accorded wher it it due. The price of freedom is high. We will have to pay for it, not with our tax dollars, but with our combined efforts to dethrone the present regime. Call your representatives, and congressmen, write them letters. Make them hear our voice and our dissatisfaction with their actions.

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He knows that more and more Americans are awakening to the conspiracy that is being thrust upon them. Soon His campain of enslavement of the American people will become questioned by more and more people. Can the Obama regime put in place all of the pieces of the snare, before the animals become too wary to fall for it? We must not slow our efforts to educate our friends and neighbors. To exert pressure on our local law makers, and polititions. Write, call, make your vioce heard. Organize, and stand up for the Rights afforded in our beloved constitution. If we don't we will never have the chance again

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Have you noticed that Our president tends to talk to the people, not the government. Both in our country and especially in others. Why do you suppose that is? Perhaps because he realizes that the government dosn't reflect the thinkng and will of the people. If he realizes that about other countries, does he also realize that about the one that the is in command of? Of course he does. He is far from being dim whitted or dumb. he also believes, perhaps rightly so that the American people, have been conditioned, to follow the voice most often or loudly heard. To buy the product most seductivly presented. he also believes, perhaps that We the people can be sold a bill of goods, in an emergency situation, that we might not otherwise fall for. There is urgency in his actions and agenda. .

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We not only need to stop watching those chanels, we need to boycot their sponsors. That will get their attention faster than anything we can do. Cut off their funding and they will change or just go away.

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The Smart Grid. Mr. Obama says that this will creat new jobs. It's true. Somone will have to make all the things that run on the new grid. To use the new grid, we will be required to buy the following. 1. A new furnace, and or airconditioner. 2. A new oven or stove. 3. A new washer and dryer. 4. A new water heater (if yours is electric, and perhaps even if it is not.) 5. A new television. 6. A new DVR or Tivo. 7. A new stereo. 8. A new Vacume cleaner. the list goes on and on. You see your old appliances won't work on the new smart grid. So as you can see many new items will be needed. They will probably be made by forieners or those already employed in the manufacturing industry. So, on second thought this is bad for us and good for??????????????????????????

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Great Idea Dryden, especially getting their photo. Then when the fight breaks out, and I think it will, give it to the police. they are there to cause trouble and discredit our efforts.

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Let's give credit, where credit is due. The president and the democratically controlled congress ( Bush, and Obama) are directly responsible for the curent "crisis". They should get credit for their efforts. It would be arrogant of us not to give them credit. It should also be noted, that "credit" is the root cause of this "crisis". If we get the economy back on track, the problem will have been averted, momentairly. Our government will have borrowed trillions more dollars( and or printed). We the people will owe more debt than all of thte American people in history combined. Borrowing money,especially when you have none, is unwise. What did our governing body do with all that money? They gave it to loyal supporters, in an effort to repay them for setting up this dynasty. All, once again, on credit borrowed against future payments made by We the people. If this continues we are about to become a third world power somewhere behind Zimbavway. Give the present Washington crowd Credit for this acomplishment. and give them the lawful punishment for their actions. It's only fair.

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1. A balacned budget

2. Representatives elected by the people, Senators appointed by the state legislature. Two term ,limit on each

3. Supreme Court Judges face a vote of confidence every 4 years

4. No political contributions other than from private individuals.

5. Enact a fair tax