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Glenn is right. I am going to go out on a limb here, please don't saw off my branch. We cannot use this cause as a money making machine. That goes against our values and principles. We are here to band together to secure our freedom for ourselves and future generations to come. Let us not fall trap to the same temptations politicians do. That is not to say a group should not raise money for a local cause.

I am just saying if you are here just to make a buck you are in the wrong place.


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Only one problem. If we let it happen, I mean let them cap and trade, let them grow government in this way, let them charge us and control us. To take these freedoms back will be a monumantal taks. Once they declair and assume control we may never be able to reverse it. We all know it is a hoax. They know it is a hoax. But if we do not call them on it we are the ones that will pay.

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You bring up a good point L1m89. When people migarate they need to adapt to the new atmosphere. To move somewhere and try to make it like where you left, you may as well never even have moved. Just like all the coultures and religions that have moved here to the United States. If all of us had not let the libs start this diversity BS in the first place some of this tripe would not even be going on. DO NOT GET ME WRONG. Knowing about other coultures is great but not when I have to start paying for prayer rooms and foot baths for muslims. Not when I have to use differant language around them. Not when their traditiions supeseed the American way.

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Just like in the movies, the evil wants control. Here are some real kickers that no politician or lib wants to be told. Composting, rotting vegetation, cooking, roasting coffee, tea and cocoa releases more Co2 into the atmosphere than humans do. I bet they are not willing to give up those latte's huh. It takes 22 of today's small cars, all running idol at once to equal 1 model T's emissions. The real truth is as we all know, they want power and they will not stop until they reign supreme. America is the super power. Why do you think they refuse to relinquish citizenship or reside in another country. We hold the worlds wealth. As you have seen, when we do poorly every other corner of the globe tumbles like a card house. Co2 is a tool and if we do not stop this Co2 madness, if we cannot stop what they want to do with it our path as citizens is very dark. Do everything you can do, tell everyone you know, write letters, send e-mails, make phone calls. If you know your reps will not listen do what I am doing. I am calling e-mailing and faxing representatives in other states with cold hard facts and reference material. This is it folks, if we cannot wake people up before legislation passes, before they sign us away.

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I will see what I can do. Maybe you can get in contact with glenn. Wow, he read it on the air, congratualtions! He must think you are really onto something. Finging each other and directly communicating is a problem. More people need to be able to look at your plan and read it. EXPOSURE is what we need. Can you post your idea on Utube? to get the message out. Maybe Glenn can lend us his legal department. You are the father of this invention and are it's best advocate. Are blogs free? can you/we start a blog and collect names and input there? If you/we had a blog and put out a Utube explanation we could solicit exposure in that way while Glenn gets the word out. Also let's pull on Hannity, O'Riley and Laura Ingrim. Let's not forget Quinn and Rose. You may be able to get on television or at least get more air time. Then stear them toward your blog for signatures. Glenn may event put it on his web-site for awhile to direct the traffic toward you? i am not real teckie but I know markenting.

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We do not have to wait for Glenn nhagman. Your idea is fantastic. Let's do it. What are we waiting for. I am here if you need any help. I will add you to my Follow and watch for replies.

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Hey Super62,

I cannot seem to get a thread to respond to you so I am going to take a chance and make one so you can hopefully view it in my list of comments posted.

Yes you are on the right site. Click on your state and get the list of Scientists in your state. I am sure there is no other organization like the one I have started with the name I chose, but that does not mean someone else has not stared something similar in your area. Look under "Wisconsin for better education" and see what comes up. My battle was here in Vermont, not an easy state to battle I assure you. I know it feels akward to confront this issue. But If they are exposing your children to bias, non proven, science presented by a politician, they are the ones doing wrong not you and you must convince yourself that you are the one being wronged. This will help your overall confidence. E-mail me directly emerson555@myfairpoint.net I will do what ever I can to help you.

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I have been telling you all about a pledge that the Obama people are being asked to take, here is the proof. This is the stuff these people are being told in the masses. We must organize like this somehow. Lets use their successful strategies in the fight to maintain our freedom. We know this stuff works because they have been successful in using it against us. Knowledge is power and here is the knowledge on what the left is up to. I will continue to post other Obamanation transmissions as I receive them.

The below verbiage is from the Obama strong hold and represents the last Obama transmission I received. It reads like this:

Last week, thousands of you pledged your support for the President's economic plan and encouraged your friends and family to join you in a national display of support. Now I need you to take the next step.

This weekend, supporters like you are organizing Pledge Project Canvasses to talk to people in their communities about this plan and mobilize support in neighborhoods across the country.

Host or attend a Pledge Project Canvass in your neighborhood this weekend.

It's absolutely crucial that Americans hear from you about this plan -- we can't leave this important debate up to a Washington establishment that doesn't welcome change.

It's up to you to show Washington that Americans are demanding this new direction and won't stand on the sidelines while our country's future is at stake.

On these canvasses, you'll join fellow supporters in your community to:

* Talk with people about the President's plan
* Ask them to sign their names to the pledge
* Provide information on how to contact and urge their elected representatives to support the plan

Host or attend a canvass this weekend:

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Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

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You said it. I was brutal and intimidating just like them and they did not like it one bit!

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If you get nowhere with the department head/heads it is time to go to the principal who will ultimately push you off to the vice principal. Be ready to make good on any threats you have made such as the above listed.

If you feel you are getting nowhere with the school. It is time to contact the head of the education depatemnt in your state, notice I said the head of the depatment.

Any meeting with the pricepal, vice princeple, guidance councelor, depatment heads and the teacher her or himself. You must bring material with you, you must have those facts with you. Reams of paper to slide at them back with you disertation. The first time you will have to reherse and go over your presentation.

You must appear to be orgainzed. Be able to pop out a set of papers as quick as a suject comes up.
If I can help any further let me know. And let me know how you make out.