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In Japan, a friends son while we were there stole some c.d.s from a shop in town and he at 16 received 5 years in prison. I was totally shocked by what here in the United States would have been a slap on the wrist. Other Countries give harsh punishments for breaking laws. Maybe it is time we start doing the same for serious law breakers. Heck even for minor theft even, maybe they will learn not to break the law.

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Geez I do not have a paint gun. Although I do have a 30-30 and it has been a strange winter. I need some target practice before hunting season. :o) rubber bullets maybe?

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Maybe it can be considered violating airspace and THEN it would be legal to shoot them down.

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Did you know AB- blood goes directly to newborns who need it? Yours is a Rare blood that only newborn defenseless babies get.

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And I pass out from fright........

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I have Arachnaphopia, if I scream my 9yr old comes running with a shoes asking " Mommy where is the spider?" she is so brave. I would have had a major panic attack after seeing this spider in person. My lawn mower would have been sitting there for awhile as if running that thing over did not kill it, I wonder what would. Again AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

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I always give right away to byciclists and try to watch for them if they want respect from drivers they need to help us out too. As for Motercyclists I always watch for their cues if they are behind beside or in front of me. I give them plenty of room especially, just incase they need to lay the bike down. My sweetheart is a Motercyclists who has been hit twice both times a vehicle pulled out right in front of him and he played superman. Because of his gear he was luckily not severely injured just sore nd unhappy his bike was ruined. I one time saw on Lancaster her in Salema biker who had been hit by an old lady. I drove down the middle and placed my van to block him from being more injured as people were flying around him. He owned his new bike two months it replaced his other Motercycle that had been hit too. Luckily he only had scraped up his hands and shoulder. Being a young kid my sweetheart told him about what type of gear he should get if he wants to continue to ride. We kept him calm until paramedics checked him out.luckly he was not severely injured but his bike well that's was another story.

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Thank you for what you said. I could have used someone like you around when I was in. I had an even harder time because my now ex husband was also in the Navy and that made us Dual Military spouses. when our son was born I was given an even harder time. He never was treated the way I was. I gave it my all, listening to sexist remarks and snide comments all the time. I could write a book on it, but the Military would probably have it stopped or me killed. It is a shame when a woman busts their butt to do equal work and still get treated the way they do in the service. While I am unsure if women still are treated unfairly or commented on in the Military and I hope not. It looks s though things have improved for the better.

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It is one way we know who has served and who has not. If you do not know what The Big Chicken Dinner is then you of course have not served. LOL ;o) glad someone understands the code.LOL

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Exactly we should be thankful for what we have. Many of the Japanese are still living in shelters. Areas devistated by the radiation will not be live able for many years to come. The homes that are there are mostly simply built. I could lift my tatami mats and see the ground under neath. I remember how cold it would get in the winters I spent there. Given the chance I would go over there and go see my old neighbors and see if they remembered me. One winter right after I had my son, my husband and I needed to get to base and our car was covered in snow. We put our son in the car and started shoveling the snow off our car and drive way and the neighbors knowing we were military came out and helped clear the way. The next morning we awoke to more snow and knew we would have to go out and start clearing yet again. When we went out side we were surprised to see someone had already done it for us. We brought gifts to all of our neighbors to say thank you for caring so much. They explained we were there to help their Country as well as our own and it was their way of thanking us and explained this is what neighbors do. I love Japan as well as my Country the United States.