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Tim Burton? This can't be a Burton movie. Depp and HBC aren't in it.

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So really, polygamy has nothing to do with the story, except for the fact that the religion that the people who are being bullies allows and promotes it. That seems to me like a misleading title for this story. Basically it's a story about a group of people bullying others because they are non members. Yet, looking at the title of the story, I thought it was about the Justice Dept. going after polygamy.

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Then are you also annoyed at the people who oppose the legalization of gay marriage solely on the fact that it goes against their religion?

Marriage laws are a legal point. If someone wants to argue it from a religious standpoint, then do so in a religious arena. Church and state are supposed to be separate but, particularly on this issue, religion keeps being brought into it.

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That's an interesting assumption. I am curious as to what constitutes a conservative to you.

I may have some conservative leanings but really I always considered myself WAY more Liberal.

I don't get uptight when there is some nudity.
I support gay marriage (or more appropriately, I think it's wrong to discriminate against someone based on their sexual preference.)
I think that tax laws place an unfair amount of the burden on the lower class and that the middle class is vanishing. Tho I'm not very vocal about it as I haven't studied economics and try to only argue a point when I have a working understanding of the subject.)

Aren't those liberal views?

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I haven't seen a Pixar film fail yet. i doubt this will be the first. It's not often you can depend on something just because of the name attached to it, but Pixar has always been amazing.

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"This word you keep using. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Someone is going to have to rewrite the Dictionary for the word star. Because the meanings I can find just don't fit for these shows.

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Guess it's true what they say..."For every beautiful woman, there's a guy out there who's sick of putting up with her cr**."

Hard to believe though.

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Actually, if I can believe TV, now that I think about it, don't they make their own alcohol sometimes in prison? If so, I bet it's even more liver damaging than the Chateau Mad Dog 20/20 you can get at the local liquor store.

"Okay. Now I just need something old, something borrowed, and something blue. Hey Norm, can I use your liver?" - Carla
"Sure. I'm almost done with it." - Norm

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Do they serve alcohol in prison?

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Didn't MIB3 open this weekend? Pretty poor showing if so.