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"So when he said he would do something about immigration in 2008.
And the DO NOTHING stop everything republicans.
Stopped anything and everything..... "

I guess you FORGOT that Obama had a Democratically controlled Congress his first TWO years.
ERGO ... the Congressional GOP were UNABLE to stop anything at that time. Duh !!!

Instead of EASILY keeping his promise for immigration reform ... OR ... fixing the economy, he was TOO busy pushing through is CRAPPY Healthcare plan that will be ruled unconstitutional later this week.

Obama is a LOSER !!!!

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To solve the southeast parking problem, I'm surprised that Mayor Sammy hasn't suggest to turn ALL offending streets into BIKE LANES.

Ban cars and the parking problem goes away .... right Sammy ???

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OhPuhleeze ... You couldn't just leave a link without a snide remark ....

It don't matter ... I've come to expect the worst from you. It's your signature behavior.

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Agreed ... as the summer rolls on, the Crime Train will only get worse.
Glad the officer wasn't seriously injured.

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Isn't the Evergreen Air Museum in Washington ??? Regardless, neither Oregon nor Washington permits same-sex marriages. In fact, they don't recognize same-sex marriages from other states.

As I said, Oregon's gay community can be as LOUD and PROUD as they want, but they'll never marry here.

Glad to hear the one gal has earned her engineering degree; however, that doesn't change a thing.
I can accept civil unions but not gay marriages.

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Be as LOUD and PROUD as you want, but you'll never marry in Oregon.

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... and eventually, instead of the unemployed receiving $$$ from the state, they'll be assessed an Unemployed Fine because they're no longer propping up state revenues.

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I think the Euro was a good idea .... what was a mistake, IMHO, was how it was implemented.

Cobbling together a common currency WITHOUT giving any forethought as to different members' fiscal policies, weaknesses and strengths, absolutely setup the Euro for eventual failure. The original Euro strategy failed to set debt to GDP limits resulting in fiscally irresponsible nations, like Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain, to undermine the stability of the common currency. Citizens of richer nations, like Germany, are outright rebelling against continued bailouts. What the German citizens don't know is that it's too late. Eventually, the falling dominoes will land at THEIR doorstep. It's inevitable !!!

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Hi R-

It'll be real interesting to see today's results of Greece's election !!!

The anti-austerity leftist candidate is suggesting Greece can reject EU demands for austerity yet remain in the Euro so long as the RICH pay more in taxes. When asked about the Rich moving OUT of Greece, he indicated that not ALL could move their assets out before new taxes could be levied. Same was suggested by France's new leader, too. Obama economics spreading like a plague across Europe.

Talk about a run on the banks .... a few are capable of draining more equity from a country faster than the vast majority could ever accomplish.

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Are you sure she isn't leading the pack ???