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18 minutes of pure, unadulterated truth.

[youtube pJRTqOvCaAg youtube]

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I'm enjoying this guy's channel.

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Man commenting on Trayvon rally, "8 black men killed over the Christmas holiday by other black men, and these people didn't have one rally in their honor.... but, as soon as these negroes can blame a murder on a white person... oh here they come."
[youtube 2sL2f0PoqME youtube]

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I watched this last night. Corbett delivers yet again!

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Wisconsin Students Drill NSA Recruiters - OUCH!

[youtube rmrsep-fMs8 youtube]

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Gerald Celente Unleashed
[youtube ZsVtwz4coK0 youtube]

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First of all, that was a loaded question.

Secondly, nobody here has an aversion to any part of the Bill of Rights.

I think for some unknown reason, random posts have been disappearing. I recommend rephrasing you question in a civil manner. I'm sure a mod will be glad to answer it for you.

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When they're not shooting dogs, Hawthorne police also enjoy tasering autistic children.

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I feel physically ill after watching this. I never thought it was possible to hate the police any more than I already did. 3:35 later and I'm literally shaking with rage.

Remember people, shiny badges and blue costumes don't grant extra rights. This man was doing nothing wrong and those´╗┐ two jackbooted thugs assaulted him and murdered his dog. If you don't think America is a police state, you need to wake the f@ck up to reality.

If ANYONE shoots my dog in self defense (imo) I'll grieve and move on. Anyone kills my dog for ANYTHING else, I'll take a piss on the nonagression principle, bid farewell to everyone here, and make headlines.