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I wonder how the jewish people who work for Obama feel about this Here is a current list of jews, most with dual citizenship, who are in the Obama administration.

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From 12:10 on Gerald discusses France and is right on the money regarding, hypocrisy, LIBERTY lost, Ron Paul, blowback and the psychopaths in charge.

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House Resolution 14 to declassify the 28 pages of the 9/11 report, Massey voted for it and he also voted AGAINST Iron Dome (even though it did pass of course) of the few good guys left.

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Happy New Year Liberty Lovers....

"It is no coincidence that a century of total war coincided with a century of central banking." - Ron Paul

And WHO is in charge of the central banking system AND multinationals AND the media and Congress and and and? There is one common thread throughout the entire rigged system!

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I will work on it in between the frenzy of Christmas.

No I haven't heard a peep from mac..what about triag, loca and ETF? We need to get the band back together:) They would add so much to the sites.

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Nice work Swim and usual:)

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The LIE will NEVER out live the TRUTH FOREVER!!!!

Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion (feat. Larken Rose)

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What a mess we are in! As usual there are people with good intentions protesting but of coarse there are people(?) who are destroying private business as well as making this a black vs white issue AGAIN! Divide and conquer works like a charm every friggin time. I am sure Sharpton and his gaggle of race bating demons are salivating with all of this garbage..after all they helped create it. How many times has Sharpton been to the WH?

Disrupt Podcast- Ferguson Oathkeepers

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GREAT to see the site back up! Thank you Richard, I hope things are looking brighter on your side of the street.

Hope all had a Happy Thanksgiving.