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You fear the truth which is why it isn't being taught in our schools these days. What is being taught are Socialists and Communists ideas. We fear the MSM and Hollywood because they have the power to brainwash the sheeple into your Communists beliefs, and because of that we have started a war against the MSM and Hollywood. We will call the advertisers and complain, we will go to the television stations and protest, we will stop buying HBO or any other cable station that obviously supports Obama and demonizes Conservatives and we will stop going to movies that are made by directors, producers, studios and actors who promote the propaganda of the Left. You lie when you say we are not afraid of what religion can do, but we are. We see the rise of Islam in the world and the violence that it brings. We don't want some religious nut running our country either -- like Obama and his radical Black Liberation Theology.

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HBO is just prop-aganda for the Liberals. I cancelled my HBO in 2008 when they were doing pro-Obama stuff.

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My heart is broken...

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I can't believe you're gone, and so young... We will miss you so much, Andrew.

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Her and her ex are both idiots.

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Give em hell, Paul!

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I'm sorry, but I don't get it. Issa should have the power to force Holder to turn over all evidence or go to jail. Holder works for the People and should not be above the law.

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The Dems find it easy to blame Bush for everything and impossible to give Bush credit for anything.

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Yes, Romney said we should do nothing to help Detroit, unlike Liberals who think they should do everything they can to spend the taxpayers' money to help unions.

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This is just another way to get Republicans to vote for Santorum -- that and the fact that Democrats are encouraged to go out and vote for Santorum because they think Obama will have a better chance. Who knows what the Dems are up to, but this is exactly why you should do the research and vote for the person who will do the job -- not just promise to do it today -- and don't listen to the Republican Party, the polls, FoxNews or the MSM, not Rush Limbaugh or Oprah. Who do you believe will actually do the job they promise to do? To vote for any other reason is to be a sell-out to your country.