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Grijalva is another one of the "elite" Mexicans who are an insult to Mexico in particular and the United States in general. His family has come to this country and lived in and cashed in on our American Dream. Now he seems to think he can improve it by making us all good communists, socialists and progressives. He, like all the others in the Progressive Caucus, should be jailed for "High Crimes and misdemeanors" and branded as traitors to the Constitution.

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On the money. We have characters, but having one with character is another matter and probably the most important issue facing us in today's politics. No doubt there are literally millions of people who could and would do a better job than the "character" we have in the white house at present. I cannot put my finger on what turns me off about Newt. Gut reactions don't seem to count to much in today's analyzed to the nth degree world and the progressives seem to have methods available to analyze anything to the point that it looks like the greatest thing since sliced and packaged white bread. I've thought for years that maybe we should go to a lottery method of picking our representatives and voting only for the top ten percent who would manage. A bit unwieldy? As if the present method isn't the biggest dog and pony show on the planet.

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Just spent a couple of hours reading on a site named "". I would urge any and all to visit this site for a rather long and insightful analysis of the folly of wanting this man for our president. The pundits, like me, who are not fans of Newt, find this to be a treasure trove of reasons not to endorse this guy. The folks who like Newt will think it is a pack of lies endorsed by the Dems. Nothing can be further from the truth. The Dems want to run against Newt because they can make the election about Newt and his follies instead of about Obummer and his follies. More of the Progressive attempts to have their candidate from either party win. Newt is just another lyin" a$$ progressive crook who probably, (except for the fame and a place in first love, history) could really care less about what the Constitution is really about. The Constitution is about individual freedom with rights from God, not government. Newt is an elitist at heart who believes in "We the rulers" and not "WE THE PEOPLE".

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We no longer have anything like a Republican form of government. Nor do we have anything like a Democratic form of government. What we do have is two parties who claim to be different in their approach to the way we govern. Regardless of which party and which approach to governance you think you want or think the other side wants, you are getting neither. The majority of the leadership and membership of both parties are neither Republican or Democrat. They are Progressives. It matters not which party the candidates are from. In our current crop of Prog Dems and Prog Repubs running for the white house, the sneakiest one is Newt Gingrich. How in the hell people think he is our answer to Obama escapes me. He is not the answer to Obama. You can bet your last Obammy Buck that if Newt gets the brass ring, 90% of the Obama Policies will remain in effect, and the 90% of the ones Obama is proposing will be implemented either as proposed or renamed. Progressivism is the cancer destroying us. If we are serious about rooting out this cancer, our only hope this go around is Ron Paul. He has stuck by his guns since first elected and probably won't waiver. I believe all the others on both sides will opt to "be reasonable" and "look for ways to bring us together" or "compromise to keep the country moving forward". It's all a lie, folks. And we better pull our collective heads out of our collective a$$e$ and get back to Constitutional basics. If not, we'll see our Republic die a slow, agonizing suffocating needless death.

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Watched the last part of the Republican Debates yesterday. For the life of me, I don't see how the pundits can say that Gingrich looks and sounds "more presidential" than any of them. I personally feel that in terms of a nebulous "Presidential Look", I would opt for Perry. Looks aside, if one is looking for the person who has the firmest grasp on economic reality and understands the concept of total freedom, Ron Paul has them all beat. But we're talking show biz here folks, and reality has never meant much to folks who earn a living pretending as do actors, entertainers of most stripes and todays politicians!

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From watching GBTV, one could surmise that Glenn Beck is feeling as if he is chosen, appointed or in some way being encouraged by a higher power to do what he is doing. Even though I may have doubts about appointments from a divine being, I do not doubt the veracity of his positions nor his predictions. His thoughts on our political and fiscal futures are essentially correct and should be taken seriously and acted upon. As our founders and others of their ilk have said, "With a firm reliance on divine providence" we can and will survive this nightmare of a government and return to our Republican values.

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After we put the Progressives in all parties out of office.

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Old Muslim Proverb. "A woman for children, a young boy for pleasure, a goat for sheer ecstasy!"

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I would be more surprised if it hadn't.

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Despite the high poll numbers coming out of Iowa, I still cannot understand how Newt is doing so well. More proof I suppose that moral character, high principles and constitutional leanings aren't a prerequisite for our "leaders". Not that I expect leaders to be Godlike, because only God can do that, but I would like a leader that sets an example and a standard higher than the average fourth grade level attained by us as we muddle and worry over Lady Gaga and Justin like,Bieber. Not only do I wish our leaders standards were higher, I wish they would start practicing that to which they pay lip service. About the only one that followed through with any real knowledgeable and practiced "lip service" is Barney Franks, but I don't think he would fit in the categories of high morals and standards. Morals are kind of weird. Heard of a VW Mechanic back in the 70's who worked on the bugs in the nude. When he was asked did he think working on VW's in the nude was immoral, he replied,"No Sir, I think if we all had morals we could all work nude." Git Nude, Newt.