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Those who believe that social issues are distinct from ethics in all aspects of our constitutional republic, including its economy, are seriously deceived.

Governance is a social construct -- what else?

Economics is a socio/political science -- what else?

All are law-based -- whose law?

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Confirmation: links to Ron Paul resources are being deleted by the site censors.

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Ron Paul has never claimed be a libertine.

It appears that Lawrence doesn't know the difference compared with libertarian.

If he does, then he's the fake -- fake journalist, that is -- and maybe a libertine.

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Same from here. I was attempting to thank Dana for her gracious tribute.

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Amen, and He'll use both "ugly" and the righteous for His sovereign purposes and glory.

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Purpose driven heresy by the blasphemer, Rick Warren.

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I thank God for Andrew Breitbart's unique diligence in the public square. I pray for comfort and encouragement for his widow, children, colleagues and friends. May his enemies take notice that this digital pioneer has influenced millions for the cause of liberty via our free press. Soli Deo gloria.

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Watch the testimony, corporal, and report back with your new revelation of dishonest weights and measures; e.g.., fiat money.

Condemnation before investigation is the pinnacle of ignorance, corporal.

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By the way, as indicated by the latest Rasmussen poll (yesterday) anyone but Ron Paul will lose to Obama.

Did you miss that one?

The tide's turning, Roger.

Pay attention -- it's a long road to Tampa.

Updates at http://www.dailypaul.com

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Your last several posts reveal that you have blown your cool, Rog, if you ever had any.