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"A Vicious Anti-Semite and Anti-American"? Are you serious? How has he been Vicious? I would say the murder, the genocide of Palestinians and Orthodox Jews in Israel by Israel is much more Vicious than a 74 year old Doctor is ever capable of.
Anti-American? I don't even think you know what it's like to be American if you are criticizing Dr. Paul's lack of being an American. We have not had an "American" (In the virtues of principles) since before Abraham Lincoln. So, no, you wouldnt know what being an American is all about.
Your comments are unjustified, I think your just mad because he is showing signs of chance, and you know he is right.
Here is some information for you to show how Vicious your beloved Israel is. And a little education for you, the Anti Semite card don't work no more. Everybody knows now there is a big difference between Jewish and Zionist. Jewish have a beautiful religion. And Zionist's do everything in their power to violate the Religion, and kill the orthodox Jews that are trying to stand up against it.

Umipnay chatoenu golinu mayartsaynu