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Andrew Breitbart was my hero. He is irreplaceable. He was more important than any other pundit or politician. He was the right person fighting the right fight. I can't express how much I looked up to him and how much hope he gave me for dismantling the media machine that is holding down our country. My only hope now is that this very populous country can produce another media savant like him very soon, because we desperately need it.

God bless you, Andrew.

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I'm glad you guys are cross promoting Mark Levin. He and Nolte are two of my favorite writers, which is a high honor when being placed in the company of David Horowitz, Jonah Goldberg, Thomas Sowell, and Charles Krauthammer.

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Funny you should ask. No he hasn't, but Whoopi has.

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Thank you for writing this, Mr. Phillips. I'm in my 30's, and I've always noticed that the generation before me was so traumatized by the issue of race that they either can't take comfort in the progress of present relations, or they insist on holding on to the past as it keeps their moral purpose charged. But for someone my age, it would require the energy of a political zealot to cling to a past they never experienced. Unlike our parents, we grew up knowing that it's no longer 1959, and we can accurately discern not just when the race card is played, but when it's dangled out there as a distraction from legitimate criticism. The generation before us is instinctually frightened of it.

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Hey Big Hollywood, I just saw that you linked to a review from Harry Knowles' site. Can we request that you not send this guy any traffic? Other than being an inept writer and film critic, he's a terrible human being. I've lived down the street from the guy for eight years, so I've seen for myself how he treats the people around him like they're beneath him. He doesn't really work, he doesn't tip waitstaff, he lacks courtesy, and he acts entitled. He takes money from studios for favorable reviews (mostly Sony, especially when they paid him to push their HD-DVD format), and he's too lazy to care about integrity. To give you an idea of his laziness, the guy has allowed himself to get so obese that he has confined himself to a wheelchair to get around. No injuries, no medical conditions-- just pure sloth. His liberal zealotry is actually the least repulsive thing about him.

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All true, but what needs to be kept in mind is that the only reason this occurrence happened was because one side had the wrong politics. This is why the lighting crew is ultimately the culpable party. If it were animal rights activists, no conflict.

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The pro-life group needs to press charges and sue the insurance company. The defendant doesn't stand a chance if its defense is "Tom Cruise was ziplining from on top of the building, so we pointed our light at the sidewalk." So was Tom Cruise expected to land exactly at Bueler's location, right where the light was focused? If so, why didn't a PA or security come clear the area first?

There's also that part where someone assaulted whoever was recording this by forcefully trying to take away her camera.

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My dad worked at NASA when I was a kid. He told me recently that it was just a big jobs bill with diplomatic uses. So maybe Obama's intention for it is simply the only honest statement to come from this administration.

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And Drudge is in error by linking to that nutjob too.

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Mr. Nolte: The last thing the conservative movement needs is any association to It's a website that should be marginalized, not validated with accreditation or links-- even if the story is correct. Alex Jones is the reigning king of conspiracy paranoia. He doesn't just entertain 9/11 truther garbage; He aggressively markets it. I've passively observed his ascension to national prominence here in Austin over the past 12 years, so you can believe me when I tell you that citing him as a source is credibility kryptonite.