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I can only notice that no one is sure what is happening. "may have" "appear" are not words of commitment. This would have been just as big a story last year or the year before. Just before y2k would have been a huge story.

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It's a deal then, now we have brazil sewn up, let's take care of Mexico.

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It comes from one of the kungs, practice for ten years the following. After mastering breathing techniques you will take in a deep breath and gulp it into your stomach, immediately follow with a swallow of saliva, which acts as a plug. It is said among the masters that you should be able to live off of the yeast in the air after mastering this technique.

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Government jobs only build or repair infrastucture. Real jobs increase GDP and last longer than 3-6 months. Real jobs are "created" by a business that is actually providing a service or product.
Why does Government remind me of the MAFIA. Protection in exchange for you keepa your mouth shut, pay your protection money, don't rock the boat, and if you see something illegal, turn your head the other way and don't say nothing.

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isn't socialism great! If you don't like your country then change it!

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they should outlaw HANDS, hands kill

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I am not sure how long ago the native american "swastika" goes back, 1000-2000 years? The Native symbol flowed with the direction of the earth and symbolized the four directions. Hitler took it and changed the direction which would go against the natural flow of the earth. The original "swastika" is a symbol of unity and tolerance. I am the Mob

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this sounds like good news to me, warmer earth means we grow more food. seems like this is a renewable energy.

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why isn't he outraged by the release of a cannibal?

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they let a cannibal out last week but they cannot let out a hero of AIM. Leonard was a really nice guy and helped a lot of people with food and clothing. I will never forget they stew he made. He is in jail because he refused help from the black panthers and communists. His sweats were always very spiritual. If it weren't for "billy" he would have been killed by the panthers.