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Seems like Facebook also makes changes to the UI that frustrate their users, but maybe they just have such large numbers that no one bothers to quit the platform and move elsewhere. Or, maybe there's nowhere else to move.

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All right people, sadly, I am no longer working as an engineer. I'm running an engineering company at quickleft.com. That said, I think you should all skip the heartache and just use git. Purchase a private repo on github.com if you like or just sign up for a free account. Take advantage of their tutorials for SVN users. And then take a look at git-flow for branch management http://jeffkreeftmeijer.com/2010/why-arent-you-us.... It's all around a much better system for distributed use, and no sysadmin necessary, meaning, more time for doing what you are good at doing, writing code!

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Great idea guys!

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Nice post, Kevin. I've also noticed that certain things are "easier" these days, for instance, I haven't picked up a reference book in ages, whereas before they sat on my desk at all times. Nowadays, that little javascript trick you're trying to remember is bound to be somewhere on the internet.

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What a thoughtful gift! Nice job Josh and everyone who was able to well wish!

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Pretty much what their rules are, we follow. However, be sure to note that each rule in a filter is subject to their 140 limit. So, you can have many rules in a single filter and as long as each of them is under 140 characters, you'll be fine.

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We have a little bit of information in our API docs that should help you. Go to http://gnip.com/docs and then under the filters heading, click "Entering different types of values within the filter".

The confusion may be the difference between entering data via the web form, or just adding the rule values to formatted xml and sending to Gnip via the REST API.

If you are still having trouble, I can help you. Just send me an email, ingrid @ gnip.com

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Oh and recently someone crashed into my rear light while parked so I have a replacement that doesn't quite fit and water now leaks into the trunk. I have been riding my new bike for a few weeks, so it's about time for me to write another blog post. Thanks for coming by!

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I rode with him last night, great guy! Have we met at the track yet?

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I'm taking you to the track Mr. Let's chat about when. I'm tired of all this "I need to get to the track" talk. And besides, the next series of classes starts soon.