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Jeff, you've done a good job of summarizing the SMM/SCRM landscape, but I'd expect nothing less...
I always found the lists (and there are many) of the SMM tools amusing because it's easy to put 100 company names on a page, but the variance between the products showed how early the space was. There was rarely much differentiation between enterprise-grade SMM platforms and lightweight/free twitter influence or analytics tools. Indexers, consumer search tools and enterprise apps would end up on the same list. We hit a point of consolidation prior to segregation by the analyst community (SCRM as a label being the notable exception).

2011 will be interesting here - will we see more consolidation? Will we start to see some smaller vendors fold? Will some go narrow and deep to find a profitable niche?


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'effing hilarious. Almost pee'd myself I was laughing so hard. If I only had a copy of the book I would know how to go the bathroom faster.

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Seth - glad to see you talk about this openly and directly. Its a legitimate concern and certainly that comes up in conversation with investors and entrepreneurs in other areas that are looking at local deals, but the data you provided really demonstrates a different reality (which is great to see). I'm also glad to see Foundry care so much about the topic in the interest of the ecosystem/community. I'll be sure to point people to this post when I hear the whispers next time.

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For me, its not about # of employees or which services you use - its whether you fundamentally feel the business is running and sustainable. I think the two consecutive quarters of profitability are good indicators, but more importantly - are you making money and can you sustain yourself into the future. Its the transition from building the foundation to adding floors perhaps.

I'd still consider Tesla a start-up, FWIW.

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Stuff I use:
Dropbox for file sync to the cloud and locally. Haven't tried to map it to a network share at the same time however.
Quicksilver for keyboard shortcuts and app links - super helpful
Install both iWork and Office 2008 - some stuff just does't translate right (mostly PPTX files) and its good to have both. I still prefer working in Pages and Keynote but sometimes you just need the MS stuff.
Apple Mail & iCal - its a love hate thing but it does work reasonably well with Exchange which I know you are on. Some folks use Entourage for calendaring and native apps for everything else.
MobileMe - yes, sign up for this so you can have the 3 way push-based sync between the native apps, the cloud, and your iPhone. Great insurance policy and backup solution for address books, calendars, etc.

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I'm fairly convinced that whenever UAL oversells a flight (which happens all day long) they always move to close the doors early to avoid facing the music (granting tickets/passes/hotel vouchers) to oversold customers. I've had this happen to me on a flight to Palm Springs (again, last flight out) - they bumped the departure time up 20 minutes so they could close the doors early (if you are a 1k or PE you know the drill).

This all goes back to the systemic damage UAL did to its company after 9/11 w.r.t its staffing. Been a terrible place to work/fly since. Now they are making record profits on our backs to boot.

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congrats on the next chapter Martin - whatever it brings!

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Thanks Laura!

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Thanks for the write up Frank!

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Brad, I lived with a Droid for a month and came to a similar conclusion, here's my post: