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slow to the punch, but they got there. progress.

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I love how the City Transportation Planner talks about how concrete requires less maintenance, yet, just a couple of miles away they're tearing out the "new" concrete on Table Mesa Dr (which they installed because it "requires less maintenance") and replacing it with asphalt. what the what!?!?!

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I was just in Portland, Oregon where they have this totally dialed. They have food truck "pods" which are city block/areas that are designated specifically for food trucks/carts/trailers. Several pods throughout the city... sometimes dozens of vendors per pod. worked great... easy access to tons of different food times, and the city provided the electrical/waste infrastructure for each pod.

obviously Portland is a lot bigger than Boulder, so the scale's radically different. but, it was a neat model for sure.

one challenge around trucks in "regular" commercial/retail districts is that they pull revenue away from brick-mortar restaurants that pay heavy rent and taxes for their physical locations. I'm not sure how to solve that one (though I haven't given it much thought) beyond the simple "let the consumer choose" perspective.

the Portlanders I talked to about this issue pointed out that some really successful trucks wind up leasing real restaurant space in the end (virtuous cycle stuff), and that some established restaurants spin up trucks to reach a bigger audience (more virtuous cycle stuff).

anyway... it'd be awesome to have more food choice in downtown Boulder. trucks would be great.

as for trucks at parks... that sounds like a no-brainer.

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was just wondering how the puppy was doing. sounded like a longshot. really happy to hear he's doing well. thanks!

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if you're 100% diligent on the cash carry point, that's a big part of the battle won. we tried that though, and got lazy (started entering the pwd without the cash loop closure).

for co-game play, we've opted to buy it N times across the accounts. 1) it's cheap, 2) polluting one account with multiple people screws things up from a community standpoint. Is "joe" in the cloud you, or one of the kids; for example?

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Well put!

12 years ago @ one - CEO: Helping or Hurting? · 0 replies · +1 points

Well said.

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I should've clarified my question further. I wasn't suggesting there was a single, short lived, task that needed resolving. In that case, as you point out, the individual's value would drop quickly. Rather, "if the person showed up tomorrow, what exactly is it that I'd expect them to be doing on a daily basis that currently isn't getting done, or isn't getting done well?" That's more the headspace I'm in when making these considerations.

For example, you may be limping along on the finance/accounting side of things, when you really need someone with experience/expertise in that specific area to really move you and your team to the next level; in an on-going crucial role.

Great point on the long/short term need perspective. Crucial clarification.

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I'm not sure I fully understand the question.

Lemme try to answer what I think I read.

Equity matters because a variety of exit scenarios can turn it into real money. It also matters because technically it is literally ownership of the company itself. I believe everyone in the company should have some of it.

The balance between salary & equity is highly variable and circumstantial. If you believe the firm you're considering joining is going to have a ton of value (regardless of "exit" scenario, you should be compelled to have more equity in that firm (and potentially should trade salary for that equity). If you don't, then you should trade the other way (but also ask yourself whether or not you should be working for a firm that you don't think is going to be (or already is) incredibly valuable).

As an individual, you should understand the context of any equity offer you're considering. Or, be comfortable not knowing.

You, the individual, are in control of your decision process.

Business is inherently risky. We all have different risk tolerances.

If I'm missing the point, pls comment back.

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great! I'm glad this worked.