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Thanks JM,

The Julia clip just made my day! Great movie, btw. I loved it. Ms. Child is def one of my all time heros.

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So, the lyric poet who ran away to invest his money?

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Seriously, who is that guy on your left?

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Great perspective. I think it's also an easy extrapolation to other professional services firms as well. Industries like Professional Consulting, Public Relations, Audit (although they might last a bit longer since someone has to handle the write-offs), will no doubt experience the exact same dynamic. Based on previous downturns, the world of Independent Professional Services Consulting is about to get much bigger however so clients do have an options - look to the newly "independent" professionals to fill the gap and cut reliance and fees on larger firms.

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Oh man. she really has no idea what she's in for...does she? ;)

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I love a good game of teeter-totter, but it's only fun if you can share each other's leverage for a good ride!

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Great post. The underlying problem however lies in the different personality types. Hard core Type A's can't even grasp this kind of life/work management. You can tell them why it makes sense, but they have nothing in their lives with which they can equate it. I will never forget all the 3am-on-the-treadmill-voicemails I used to get from just that kind of boss.

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Now THAT"S a good strategy! "John...pass the nuts. You're not driving home, are you?"

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"Apparently 8 years isn't enough for 40 - 47% of the population so it may take another election or two. But, eventually we'll learn that while our friends are decent people and excellent drinking buddies, they'd make horrible presidents."

That again, would be logic over emotion. One would also hope that key people would understand that our drinking buddies don't necessarily make the best Head of FEMA, or National Security Advisers, but that hasn't played out either.