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Am I the only extrovert???

Happy New Year Crassers!

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Interesting post TS! Scary but interesting.

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I always wonder if these jerks talk in private to each other spewing these lies like some sort of echo chamber or if they just acknowledge its all lies for politician ends.

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When you have black pasties on, do you really need to stick your tongue out for "effect?" I say no.

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I love defying science. I was lucky enough to go to good public schools. Thats it from that list. I'm not near the 1% but I've definitely moved up. Eat it science!

ETA- in all honestly, my parents - divorced and all - were very encouraging and supportive even when they thought I was crazy.

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Love this!!

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I laughed out loud about the sriracha sauce comment.

I'm 39, what generation am I? I don't even know.

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I'm so, so sorry Christa.

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Thank you! Good ideas- Controlling access to the toys so he only gets some time with them if he is defiant. I'll try to be very clear with expectations and consequences. Since I have a two year old, I sometimes forget that my almost five year old is still a small child. But he still needs very clear guidelines to set him up for success.

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This is awesome advice. I will admit consistency has been tough for us - we are very consistent during these types of times and less so when he isn't misbehaving. He still is accountable but we don't use the reward chart. But I will be consistent 110% now. I will definitely use your suggestion. Today we got a really bad report so he had no TV at all. It doesn't help that his 5th birthday is in a few days and he is going to get a mountain of presents (not from us but family/friends) I think we will not let him have them all at once. Is that too cruel?