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Bingo! My husband works for a company that makes Ford motor heads. I just pray that Ford is watching what is going on and never takes money from the government. Ford should be thanking their lucky stars they didn't take any of the bail out money.

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I pray to God that this health care plan of Obama's will not force mother's to have abortions because the treatment of a deformed or sick baby will be too costly. My cousin's baby was born with a deformed heart, and she will have to have many operations to correct the problem. My cousin knew the baby had the heart problem but chose not to abort her. Their hospital bills from the baby are really mounting up. How will the government's health care plan feel about paying this baby's hospital bills when they knew early on something was wrong? It just scares me. I am sure this health care plan would not start out this way, but when cost of the health care plan are astronomical it may very well happen.

Thank you NancyNurse for a great post. Sorry for taking your post a little off topic with health care.

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I would like to see a list of Obama's morals and values. I am pretty sure they don't match mine and most others on this site. I am so sick of him saying morals and values because I doubt he has any. His only goal is to destroy our liberty and freedom. I really wish he would crawl back under the rock he crawled out of before he wrecks our country beyond repair.

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Your comment about the bumper stickers reminds me of what I heard on Sean Hannity's radio program. This woman called up and was really upset people kept taking her bumper stickers off her car. One of them said something like I will keep my guns, my freedom, and my money; you can keep the change. I got to have one of those bumper stickers. I love it!
I don't see that many obama bumper stickers anymore. Hopefully people are wising up.

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I really would not want to be the worker that had to man those machines. That guy is not fat, but I am looking at his love handles. I bet some of those workers will be scarred for life. They will probably let some of the heavier people pass without having to go through that machine. They would tell me that is okay mam you can pass on through, we don't need to see your image. lol

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Sarcasm intended lol. Well as long as you don't blame me for all of this, I wasn't even born yet. Maybe that will work since it is Obama's attitude.

Thanks for your answer it was very well said. I have often wondered how this has happened. It just always boggles my mind how as christians we just let all of our rights slip right on by without saying or doing anything.

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Don't forget they will also have to be a tax cheat.

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Your welcome!

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That they are trying to shut him up speaks volumes. I have often wondered why George W. was not speaking up. It really made me mad when they released the memos. Those memos should never been released and this could be a serious security risk. Kudos to you Cheney for trying to get the truth out there. Keep it up!