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We must be aware of everything said by this administration. Obama is allowing the release of transcripts regarding the interogation methods used by the CIA after 911. This will cause a huge uproar, the intelligence community does not want this information released but it will be. More important will be what he is planning to do while we are distracted by this. Nothing is said or done by anyone in the current administration with out reason.
I am a veteran, a gun owner, don't like illegal immigration, or big goverment, I love my God my Country and my Family and will do whatever I need to defend each. So I must be a terrorist, do not be fooled the current administration wants to do away with our Constitution.

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The current admin will handle the problem as follows.
Send Hillary to the region.
Promise to give the nonexsistent goverment funds to rebuild the country
Ask how we can make their lives better.
Tell them we will not allow them to hijack ships.
We are broke, we must stop borrowing money to give it to other countries, Why is it our responsiblity to make everyone in the worlds lives better. It would be great to see everyone living the dream that our Constitutuion allows. But why is it our job to support the world. We have given every free country in this world support either by blood or money. As stated in a previous post, place an aircraft carrier in the area, a call for help is responded to by sinking the pirate boats, no questions asked.

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Thank you Brother for your service, I to am a Christian, veteran (100% disabled). I own a firearm and believe our immigration laws need to be enforced, our spending needs to be stopped and the size of goverment should be reduced. I will protect my family and my property using whatever is needed. I have spent my entire adult life serving my country and community. DHS can no longer call Islamic extermists "Terrorist" but they can call veterans "Terrorists". My son spent 3 tours in Iraq and Afgan, he has now been put on a watch list because he may be a "Terrorist". I feel less connected to my country now then ever, each day my heart aches because of what the politicians are doing to our country.

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First the changing of what we call these people changes how we deal with them, A pirate is a person who commits warlike acts at sea without the authorization of any nation for a reward (Money). A terrorist acts (Terrorism is, most simply, policy intended to intimidate or cause terror) for a cause, right now when we hear terrorist we think of Islamic extremists. The people holding the Captain only want money, they are not in this to die. The solution to this is tell them they have a certain amount of time to release the Captain. When the time is up send a team in with a Zodiac and get the Captain, they are four uneducated criminals, they are scared and they are waiting for other pirates to arrive. As these new pirates arrive they should be stopped by lethal force if needed. Once the four with the Captain see others killed or captured they will give up.

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Pirates taking a US flagged ship, N. Korea firing missles, U.S President bows to Saudi King ( and admin lies about it) Lies told about guns to Mexico (Clinton), Politicians calling citizens names (B. Frank), goverment take over of Banks, auto industry,food, health, toys. What country am I in. The last 90 days have been shocking. There will be no United States of America left in four years. There will be no Constitution or Bill of Rights, we will be able to earn what the goverment says, drive the cars , buy the insurance, and eat the food they dictate.

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Just as I suspected, you left out some major points regarding the shooting of this child. Harper has a criminal record beginning when he was NINE, he can not own a gun legally. I am sure he did not purchase the guns legally. This shooting is the very reason that law abiding citizens must be allowed to own and lawfully carry weapons. Do you think for one minute that if the goverment passes stricter laws that the criminals are going to surrender the weapons. Tighter gun control only empowers the criminal.
I as a gun owner, would accept no more responsibility for this shooting then I would accept responsibility for the recent accident in our county where an illegal unlicensed alien killed an adult and three children in a car accident because I own a car.

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You are right, there is a huge difference between Bush and Obama. Obama is a very good speaker, very knowlegable and without doubt very smart. Bush on the other hand can not hold a candle to Obama when it comes to public appearance. But for you to say that someone throwing a shoe at our sitting President is hilarios tells me that you do not understand the meaning of patriotism, I am not an Obama fan but I would be outraged if someone disrepected him in such manner. As far as troop support, before you believe this, talk to some troops. I have and the ones I have talked to are terrified of what he is going to do to the military. Many that had planned on careers are either getting out or are out. Europeans showed him respect, but he got no more out of them then Bush did.

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First you must decide how much time you will spend training with the firearm. You will need to spend hours loading and firing your firearm before you will be able to control the weapon during a stressful incident. If you leave the gun unloaded and need it during a stressful incident odds are you will not get it loaded. During a stress situation the first thing that goes are your fine motor skills and you will develop tunnel vision, your ability to load your gun and aim it will be drastically reduced. For home protection your best bet is a shotgun either pump or semiauto leave it loaded, one in the chamber and the safety on. Just flick the safety off and point it toward the threat.

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I agree that everyone can not be allowed to carry a gun. But with the proper training and required qualifications some people would be an asset in most of the situations that are happening all to often. There are a lot of people walking around that are fully qualified to protecct themselves and others, men and women that have training using a weapon during times of stress. There would be no difference between a civilian that has attended proper training and a police officer. Many state laws are to extreme, I have recieved training from the military (MP and Terrorist Threat), civilian police (Patrol Sgt), Nuclear Power Plant weapons trainer and a qualified weapons trainer in the state of Wisconsin yet I can not carry a gun in this state.