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Never knew his real last name was weiner...lol Anyways, he didn't want to go anyways. It was to see if he was of Napolitano's watch list and he is obviously. He has already filed two lawsuits to fight this stupid and bigoted list. Many people will find out when they go to travel, that they are as well. Pretty sure since I use my name on here, I'm probably on that list. I love my country and would never hurt her. I will though fight like hell for her.

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Or just read what happened after WWII and how the Brits put them in this position because they didn't want them in Europe either. The Brits were given the power to draw the boundries. They still had to put the Jews somewhere. Knowing that the muslims would not be happy with them in their region. All the oil princes got large chunks of land, the Jews, a sliver.

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Dear editor, it is IsrAel, not Isreal. Now for the issue at hand, why come down on Israel? They aren't the ones having rockets sent into countries, without just cause. Obama looking more and more like a muslim everyday. His TRUE religion.

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It is a desperate move by a desperate media. Media as we know it today will be dead when Obama is voted out next term. They banked on him to be their savior. When even the left wing realizes this guy is a loser, newspapers will be crashing. They already are and will only continue down that road. I can't wait for that day!

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With all due respect, most credit cards do this and tell you. Problem is they pitch the intro rate and not the normal rate when that period expires. Just pay cash and you have nothing to worry about.

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Can't blame the credit card companies, I blame the government. I still don't see how people can let themselves get $50,000 in debt on credit cards. I have one credit card that I've used twice in my life. Once when my engine blew up in my car. The other was for a funeral over 1000 miles away that we found out a day after buying a car, cash. I was always told to only use in emergency, that is what has saved me. Too bad many didn't learn the same lesson. If people weren't trying to outdue their neighbor and friends, it wouldn't be such a problem. For some reason, someone sees their neighbor or friend buy something, they have to one up it even if they KNOW they can't afford it. People need to stop worrying what they think others think of them. I drive a 1995 Bonneville that runs just the same as any new car. Except, I paid cash for mine and don't have a car payment and forced to carry full coverage insurance. People need to get their priorities straight.

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Does anyone else find it odd that Obama visited Mexico City and then this started. Came back and now it is here. I still think this was a government made disease. Since no bird flu has been reported, where did the bird flu part of the strain come in, hmmm? I'm not buying a pig ate some bird crap that was infected. Sounds like the same green monkeys in Africa caused AIDS. I don't trust our government as far as I can throw them.

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They should do what they do to prison inmates, delouse(sp?) all people coming into the country. Then they should be held somewhere for a two week period to make sure they are not spreading some third world country disease. As far as the agents, why shouldn't they wear masks? Their safety isn't important? Border Patrol is NOT military and are normal citizens. I tell you what, you want to end this illegal problem. Tell the border states to shoot on site, as long as they are on the American side of the border. It is illegal to enter this country, and many, without permission.

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This is how most the termoil in the Middle East. Tell the Brits to go screw themselves. This is why people who are ill informed think this was all about oil. Of course, I fully expect this to happen with Obama and the goon squad running America.

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I used to live in Tyler, Tx, great city that is BOOMING. Not sure which church this was. The other thing I noticed was, where were the Texas accents? East Texas has a strong accent to outsiders. More and more of these groups are popping up all over. I'm involved with one in Duluth, MN that is going strong. We had over 1300 people on a Wednesday(or work day for the majority). July 4, is the next event for us. I hope more groups us July 4th to get out the word. Most people in this country couldn't tell you past ammendment #2. Sad really.