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Nothing new here droids....move along!

Congress not reading Bills spending record levels of our money; said Bills not on the Internet for days as promised by the President; said President signing billions of dollars of pork in these Bills, which he specifically and often swore not to do while he was on the campaign trail.

Now, if you want to win the prize -- point to something and/or someone ethical and honest in this Administration or Congress!!

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Yet another stop on the never-ending Apology Tour.

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I for one will fight this to the very end.

I am not a law-breaker. But I draw the line at government being 'authorized' to track my daily routine via RFID chips! I will also fight government control of the temperature of my home, and/or how much electricity I use and when. This has gotten so very out of control!!

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You know how difficult it is to apply for a job, library card, license, etc. w/o giving them your SS number? Imagine it being even worse! Imagine not being permitted to purchase drugs at a pharmacy, or gasoline at the local gas station, or a beer at the local liquor store. The Federal government is hell-bent on controlling ALL aspects of your life, and RFID chips will make this goal infinitely easier to achieve.

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While born and raised here, I have been overseas a few times. Sometimes it was while I was in the military, others as a tourist. But I assure you that regardless of international lines and boundaries, when I could see the Lady holding high her torch, I knew I was home. There are many things wrong with this great nation at the moment, and many things right with other countries. But on balance, there is no where on this earth that I would rather live. It's one thing to be labeled a 'terrorist' by DHS because you belong to a libertarian/freedom-loving movement. It's quite another to be beaten to near-death by government police w/clubs and tossed into a prison w/o charge or sentence.

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Rule #1: If you voted for the first stimulus bill, you cannot spend ANY more money until you get BACK all that money that you PROMISED us would result from all this spending.

Rule #2: If you vote for ANYTHING and have not read it, you lose your right to vote on anything else in that session.

Rule #3: If you vote for taxes on health care, universal health insurance, etc. -- you MUST participate! YOU have to have your health care taxed, YOU have to participate in the government's "new and improved" single-payer health insurance.

Rule #4: Get out of office after two terms max. No discussion. No waivers. Just GO!

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Hmmm, I think we should tax HOLLYWOOD -- producers, actors, writers, etc. -- at a particularly high rate: you know, that rate that Congress says the "rich" should pay! They represent entertainment, which is clearly a luxury, right? While we are at it, let's also heavily tax folks involved in professional baseball, basketball, football, etc. since they too participate in the entertainment industry.

Really though, this is just the Progressives trying to initiate class warfare -- them vs. us. We must not fall for this crap. The folks in the Administration and Congress are truly the enemies of our Constitution, and we must keep our eye on the ball!

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I have just one comment on all the hoopla over Michael Jackson's funeral: