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Bikicat: David Wu said Medicare will a better system for us older Americans than it is now, and he said the Social Security system has been made more solid! I don't believe him on both assumtions. I think he was telling a fib. If, as his bill said, they will remove 1/2 Trillion dollars from the Medicare program to "Redistribute" to others, ie, the minorities! He also claimed that the Illegal Aleins could not get coverage under this new plan, but I know they are covered now.

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tjimaly: I'm not sure, but I didn't see any TV channels there, not saying they weren't! The Wall Street Journal interveiwed me later, as well as a couple of local newspapers, and a radio station!

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This is part 2 of an earlier comment that I could not fit in about Rep. David Wu townhall meeting:__ I also told him about a flyer he sent me about how proud he was with a bill that passed through the house that he stated "With making the schools more green by spending money on solar panels on the roofs and making toilets use less water etc., this would make the students more proud of their schools"!__ I told him that instead of wasting money on this "Improvements", we could spend it on things that really matter, like stopping teachers from being fired due to there not being money in the budget. Class rooms have as many as 40 students per each teacher, and that is beyond belief. The teacher hasn't any time for one on one with students that need extra help.__ Now he did not agree with me again, because he sponsored this bill!

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I went to a townhall meeting with my Rep. Davad Wu yesterday, and it was kind of Informative! The problem I had was that as Wu answered questions, I felt he was just patronizing us. My number was pulled from a hat, and I told Wu, that the governent hasn't any business operating healthcare, they should make guidlines, and some restrictions that private companies have to work with, like covering preconditions, and contain costs. I also brought up that we need Tort reform. Now you have to realize that Rep. David Wu is one of the sponsors of the house bill HR 3200, and he is a lawyer, so he was polite, but did not agree, in fact he is against Tort reform.
I asked him if there is any government program that actually works, except to make hundreds of thousands of more Bureaucratic jobs and highly expensive? He asked if I knew that Medicare was a government program, or Social Security was government? I said yes, and they are both going broke.

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I am planning to go talk to my Rep., but I have a feeling he is going to call off his townhall meetings. He is afraid of the voters.

Now the Obamacrats are trying to tell Americans that these voters are sent to these meetings by the Republican party, and by the health Insurance companies to demonstrate against Obamacare. Quite the opposite, people like myself are going because I don't like what Obama has done to this country in the last 8 months.

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It should be 100% of the people know Obama has increased the national deficit enormously, but unfortunately, to many Americans don't know their a** from a hole in the ground. They just watch MSNBC, and the like, believing everything they watch as being the truth. The people that voted for Obama haven't quite come to their senses after seeing the glow of the halo around Obama's head! It will take a little more time, and money flowing from their pocketbook!

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I'm wandering what Obama gave Kim Jong for the release of these two reporters!

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atticus89: If I offended you, I will apologize to the extent that you voted for him. It was a spoof. The North Koreans don't want him either.__ I consider myself a strong conservative, and I am still a registered Democrat, like some of the Blue Dogs, but the Clintons are not my favorites, they are almost as bad as Obama! As far as being fellow Americans, I'm sorry, but Obama is not an American, other wise, he would show his true Birth Cert., and Billie made a mockery of the presidents job!

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My feeling is why don't we donate Bill Clinton as the Hostage, and release the 2 people that are in North Korea.
We could call it a Humanitarian jesture!