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"It is not too late for the Iranian government to recognize that there is a peaceful path that will lead to stability and legitimacy and prosperity for the Iranian people. We hope they take it."

Despite the fact that our president is Ivy League educated, it appears that he never took a course in globalization, anthropology or World Civilizations. He doesn't appear to understand that the Iranian government couldn't care less about a "peaceful path" and Ahmadinejad cares EVEN LESS about the people who are being murdered in the streets during the protests.

He also doesn't understand that Middle Easterners reject the traditional Western practices that lead to "stability and legitimacy and prosperity". It's like going into a friend's house and telling them they aren't cooking their lasagna right, and in order to have a tasty and satisfying dish they need to do it YOUR way.

Not only that, but clearly the US is neither stable nor prosperous right now, so how, exactly, does he expect those people to take us seriously? GOOD LORD MAN! You were educated in the Ivy League, use your brain!

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There was no real room to debate in any of my classes. The only class that was open for debate was my AP European History class, taught by the sponsor for the Young Republicans (and they say we're the ones who won't debate...psht). He engaged us in discussion about nationalism vs. patriotism, appeasement vs. conflict, etc. Every single other class was, "Our republican congressmen and president are ruining this country. Their ideas are stupid." And that was that. They never gave a reason why those ideas might not work, they never explained any event in history that mirrored what was going on with Bush's White House and explained how it was wrong, nothing.

Oh, and Lenin was taught to be the kinder, gentler communist dictator. In one class, the teacher actually said, "Lenin truly wanted the work's equality and did so more peacefully than Stalin. The Russians look on Lenin more fondly than Stalin because he enforced ideas without violence."

It wasn't until a few years ago that I realized how untrue that statement us. That is what we call propaganda.

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I wouldn't say "surprised" but "deeply disturbed".

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When I was in high school (I graduated high school in 2005), we were literally blown over by liberal propaganda. Starting when I was in an eighth grade Civics class, the ideas that were introduced were in no way balanced; the majority swung in a liberal direction. In high school, World Civilizations II honors was taught by a woman who was the sponsor of Amnesty International at our school, and in every single class she brought how Americans caused basically every problem in the world (including the Appartheid.) Then, my senior year, when I took government, my teacher actually encouraged us to watch "The Daily Show", was the sponsor for the young Democrats and basically quietly told us all to vote for John Kerry because George Bush was running this country into the ground.

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"Videos and photos posted by people inside Iran show scenes of violence that have not been reported through official channels. The new media restrictions make it virtually impossible to independently verify much of the information, which includes dramatic images of street clashes and wounded demonstrators."

After reading the ABC articles, it appears that the United States isn't too far away from this situation, too. We are spoon fed what a select few want us to know, just like the Iranian government-run TV stations show the world. This statement also sent a chill down my spine, because it reminded me of the comments on the tea parties:

"Ahmadinejad, who has dismissed the unrest as little more than "passions after a soccer match," attended a summit Tuesday in Russia that was delayed a day by the unrest. He returned to Iran and held a cabinet meeting, saying on state television Wednesday that people had voted for his 'policies of justice.'"

This just sounds so much like Obama to me, it's scary. It's like we're looking into a mirror when things like this are posted.

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Soon I'll be graduated (August!) and I'll have some time for some reading on the side and I'll definitely keep those two in mind! I love reading Bernie Goldberg's stuff - he's pretty amazing - and I've read a few other things, like "Deriliction of Duty" lately that I've really liked. Unfortunately, I've got the final in less than an hour, so the chance for a good debate is over, but maybe in my next history class next semester.

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I was just reading through it the other night and I just about fell out of my chair! Everything I've read and everything my professor has said has been so similar to what's going on in the US right now.

I'm sure you've heard about how Obama wants to reinstate a draft-like policy that's sort of like Israel's current plan. Once you turn 18, you go off to a "mandatory service plan" called a "universal civil defense plan" in which people 18-25 will have to give three months of uniformed community service at the least - "a civilian national security force". Sounds a little bit like the Hitler Youth and the SS to me.

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The more I learn about facism, the more it seems that our country is drowning in it now. It's really scary, especially because I'm terrified that my children (whenever they may happen!) will have to dig themselves out of it.

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2. Limit the Malpractice lawsuits, this will lower the cost of malpractice insurance.

Malpractice lawsuits are insane these days, especially for OB/GYNs who have the highest malpractice insurance around.

If health care becomes subsidized by the government, then the quality of doctors and surgeons will go down. If the quality of doctors and surgeons goes down, then malpractice will go up. There are stories all the time about surgeons leaving instruments behind and people getting ridiculously sick from it, anestheseologists (I spelled that wrong, I know) giving people the wrong anesthesia, etc. And now the baby boomers are hitting retirement and the need for surgeries is going to skyrocket and he wants to subsidize health care? It just seems like an aberration to me.

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NancyNurse, you're always the voice of reason :)

Creating public free health care is basically just making the people dependent on Fuhrer Obama for one more thing, whether they like it or not. He's making us dependent on him for health care, jobs, soon firearms, our mortgages, our educations, and pretty soon everything else, too.