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12 years ago @ Frank Dickinson - Rich People Are Evil · 1 reply · +1 points

Rich people are evil? No, human beings are evil regardless of race, sex, power or similar - at least they are if the want to be.

Check out Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - yep, really evil. Or the Black Card Circle Foundation over in L.A., where millionaires gather regularly to support charities with huge donations and benefits.

Success - brings out the best in folks, huh? ;-)

13 years ago @ danny brown - communit... - How to Sell Social Med... · 0 replies · +1 points

That's where the social audit comes in, Michael - only go onto a platform if it's viable for you. Some of the best results have come for smaller clients, who can take away a lot of their advertising and marketing output when they see that the market is there for them.

13 years ago @ danny brown - communit... - How to Sell Social Med... · 0 replies · +1 points

Hi Ari, it's for readers of the blog (although based around conversations I've had in the past with clients re. Twitter's benefits).

13 years ago @ Brent Csutoras - What Does Google Think... · 4 replies · +2 points

It's only one of the best sites if you know a Power Digger. Otherwise it's just a bunch of noise that very few benefit from.

And the new Digg toolbar just takes more benefits away from the target - no real impetus for the user to visit a site if they can stay within Digg to view something.

13 years ago @ Brent Csutoras - What Does Google Think... · 2 replies · +1 points

As someone who helps clients with social media, I can say that Digg is way down the list of necessities.

13 years ago @ danny brown - communit... - Why Social Media Needs... · 0 replies · +1 points

As Rachel mentions below, Omar, I don't think it's free speech that the FTC is going after.

As rightly mentioned by detractors of the plan, opinion (and the right to have that opinion) shouldn't be silenced. What does need regulating is the false marketing and sales pitches being happily given by people and companies because there is no regulation.

While the social media space can be quick to warn off bad news, this might not necessarily reach the amount of people that a warning or censure from the FTC would.

I think that's why the move should be welcomed.

13 years ago @ Just Kickin' It - What Really Grinds My ... · 0 replies · +1 points

I guess there goes my "nice guy" image... ;-)

13 years ago @ danielpatricio.com - Skittles hacks and sla... · 0 replies · +1 points

When I heard about the Skittles *experiment* (for surely that's all it is), I was very surprised. Fine, open up to social media and the channels that can provide - but I can't help but feel they're going to alienate a lot of their existing visitor base.

While people inside the social media bubble may look at it as further acceptance of the medium, what does it really mean to the average web user? Sure, they'll know Facebook, but have a Twitter discussion stream as their main visual seems bizarre.

I guess time will tell, but I'm not really sold on this one.

13 years ago @ new media lisa - The best blog I've nev... · 0 replies · +1 points

One of the blogs that I find myself visiting regularly is Tim Jahn's over at http://www.timjahn.com/blog - short, sharp and hella insightful.

Nice idea, Lisa - I'd also add yours but we should be reading it anyhoo :)

13 years ago @ Twitterrati - TweetDeck or Twhirl...... · 0 replies · +1 points

It's a good system. Only thing it's really missing is the open Twitter stream feature that Twhirl and Tweetdeck has, but they have said that it's next on the agenda.