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And how well-put. I can't wait to read your posts and insight AFTER being married and that even though everyone messes up, like you said, it's something worth fighting for everyday.

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Thanks Jerod :)

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There just isn't a rulebook. And we also know, how rarely someone so important and monumental comes into our lives (whatever ROLE that might be). There also isn't a timeline.

Some people move in, in under a year. Some wait a few years. There isn't anything wrong with that. Same goes for love. My current boyfriend I knew there was love within two months. We both said it and were unabashed. You just do what is true and right for you. I'm sick of that judgment :) So you go girl xo

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Hi Amit!

Thanks so much for the great writeup of Lijit and for featuring us. We appreciate your feedback and of course, using Lijit.

I hope all is well with you.

Grace Boyle
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I've missed you :)

It's good to take time away and to take a break. Our minds and souls need it.

I can't wait to see what's in store here and for you in the new growth and change xo

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YES! Exactly the point of this post and prompt. It's so good to tell ourselves what we love about ourselves ;) So happ to have contributed xoxo

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Aww, what a great exercise. So wonderful :)

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Oh Doni, this is so beautiful. Almost brought a tear to my eye.

I know what you're expressing and I feel the same. I say it is my religion, it is my faith and my gratitude to practice yoga. When NOTHING is right, yoga is. Because it is one of the truest and authentic ways to be yourself in yoga, bare and stripped down.

So proud of everything and where you have come xo

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Beautiful! So proud of you :)

I hope it is fulfilling and full of experiences and even more growth. xoxo

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Oh cheese, how I do love thee.

Beautiful pictures Doni! That fried/grilled cheese was premooooo! Loved going with you xo