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Sorry but I don't have experience with Lion and don't know if that is especially disallowed. This was done on snow leopard.

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No problem. Here's another way to access the sound control panel. Click the start button and then select Control Panel. From control panel select Hardware and Sound. From Hardware and Sound select Manage Audio Device. Using the speaker icon is the shortcut to the above but it gets you to the same place. You can then follow the directions in my first reply.

You should be able to see the speaker icon though. It's part of the native OS and I would be surprised if you could actually turn it off but it is possible to hide it. If you right click on the taskbar, click properties and then select 'lock the taskbar' then click customize. You should see a list of the icons that appear in the task bar. Find the volume icon and select show icon and notifications if that is not already selected.

You can try installing a more accessible sound interface,

It may also be that your sound driver needs to be updated as your keyboard buttons should work after bootcamp is installed. I've had a lot of luck with the free version of slimdriver, Usually I just end up updating every outdated driver which requires a lot of restarts so if you are just interested in fixing the sound I'd try the other suggestions first.

If none of the above works try reinstalling windows. Good luck.

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Hi Jeanie. If you look at the picture at the top of this post you'll see it is of the cirrus logic preference window which you can access in the bottom right menu bar of your computer by clicking on the sound icon and selecting the appropriate button. Apart from the slider there are only two other buttons so you'll find it eventually. Once you open the preference window click on speakers and then on sound effects. In the picture above the loudness equalization toggle is above the image of the Sydney Opera House. It should be someplace similar on your setup.

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Hmm, the original desktop folder should now just be a regular folder with no special attributes. Can you describe the problem more? Are you trying to delete, rename, change the contents? There can only be one folder named desktop.

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Thanks for your comment. I'll take a look and update. In general what has been entirely mystifying to me is the extent of the distortion field within this sector, wherein horrible interface, atrocious customer services and absolutely third rate programming are not only tolerated but lauded as exceptional because it totally didn't hose your data. I keep saying, and I do not know why I am in the minority in this, that (1) both companies need an Android and iOS app, (2) a report out feature equal to the quality of iWorks numbers, (3) seamless interface that looks and performs as does any modern day software suite produced by Apple or MicroSoft and (4) a developer API. Ask yourself, how much per year do you pay to use MicroSoft Office. I bet nothing, whereas there is a yearly fee attached to these programs well into the several hundreds.

Think back to the incredulity and rage people felt with the iPhone antennae issue. Imagine, people were incensed that they couldn't hold their phones in a manner that they wouldn't have thought to prior to being told that they couldn't. Now Apple was responsible for their anger by creating an expectation that only exceptional would do. Think about what a third of this expectation from scheduling software customers and what a culture of exceptionalism from developers could generated in a years time. What we have instead is exceptional is the exception and I have not seen it to date.

Neither of these programs are good enough yet and it's only when enough customers realize how little you actually get for what you invest or when there is a suitable competitor will things change. The first Apple computers shipped 35 years ago. Had they followed a similar trajectory to what's being tolerated here, Jobs might only now be moving out of his mom's garage.

I have in my pocket the equivalent computing power of what fifty years ago was a supercomputer and as a tutor I can't check within 30 seconds who I'm supposed to be meeting with right now. Unacceptable. Sorry, but I'm taking no prisoners on this.

The solution won't be easy but the staring point is obvious. Hire a front end developer and web designer. Programmers aren't usually trained or equipped to do either. They have different priorities and skill sets but all three are needed to make a quality product and to tell the story.